A man writing on women’s choice of watches? That’s enough to make readers think I’m writing for girls with a fascination for wearing men’s watches but no, the daddy’s girl (about whom I spoke earlier) has now started educating me on what a woman’s choice should be in this department. And that’s giving me the creeps. Delicate beauties have never been my cuppa so I found things a little (actually, a lot) hard to stomach. And above that it’s the poking and pestering. She is good at it. I don’t need to give another example; that I finally got into writing this piece is proof enough. There’s a fear factor present too. If I write it, I’ll probably be spared from buying her one. By Jove, if I can ever accumulate that kinda money, I’ll buy a BMW instead rather than further inflating some overhyped vanity. It’s questionable if women can appreciate the impressive movements within (I even heard someone calling the ticking seconds-hand the movement!); from that POV, it seems the Van Cleef & Arpels (this one is all about pearl, diamond and onyx) will appeal more than an Audemars Piguet 

Royal Oak. Any pundit of fine wristwatches will agree; so will horological hard-cores.

My own ideas ran till Cartier, starting from Citizens and Orients; for teenagers, perhaps Casio. Manual windings, column-wheels or double-retrogrades are so much a man’s thing but I guess it’s a woman’s inherent nature of poking into a man’s business (always) that are now making them wear Patek-s and JLC-s.

So, the first pick was the Ladies First Chronograph (I guess it’s not so much for the movement as it is for the diamond bezel) with the caliber CH 29-535, followed by the Ladies Royal Oak (Audemars Piguet), the Reine de Naples from Breguet (an icon in women’s watches beyond doubt; I think it’s more for the elegant curves and the mother of pearl into it and not the silicon balance-spring) and the formerly mentioned Butterfly Symphony (with a dual retrograde-butterflies movement) from VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, at a whopping $130,0000!!! Not everyone’s cuppa, but if you need to cut down a zero, the Rendezvous Night from JAEGER-LECOULTRE (caliber 967A) will

make your heart start beating again