For long I had a formal watch in mind for which I don’t have to dress up like a butterfly. Waiting for those special few days in the year to get my hands on (or take it the other way ‘round, which is closer) a piece that I’ll treasure! Nay; that’s too much of peer-like pressure. But the irony is: This one goes better with ethnic wears. At least, for me.

There must be a lot of you knowing about the dhoti (Gandhi made it big) but only one clan knows how to wear it well, with ultimate luxury, laze, lavishness and laxity. H’ver, that’s beside the point; what’s more important is three of them recently made way into my wardrobe (for our biggest festival is drawing near) with their suitable uppers and footwear to go with; all I needed was some fancification (or, two) for my wrist.

You must be thinking by now I’m showing off my riches but it’s not so. Something kept me off from the festival over the past few years so I decided to put the savings all together this year and savor three times the rest! Many of you are now shaking head and thinking how well the money could be utilised instead of a fool partying, but enough said! I’m not spending your money! Better talk about the Couturier T-Trend.

The other one I like one helluva lot is the Couturier Quartz GMT. If you ask why, it’s my sternest belief the only other thing a watch must show in a formal setting is time at a different place and a moonphase. The date is also time-related, so it’s welcome.

What I find astonishing with these two is Tissot made classic look come cool once more! I haven’t had yet been lucky enough to check each of the five different movements or the 21 varieties, but amidst all those top-of-the-line black-faced Couturier automatics, this one is handsome enough to iron out any minor quirks (or, misgivings) in my treasured raiments that I’m to don seriously for the first time, ever.

IMHO, there’s a sort of deja-vu feel to these two watches. Whether Tissot got it solely on purpose or just an accidental twist that made things turn better is an argument that can go on for ever, so we’ll not tread that way. Movements are more interesting.

The somewhat wide Couturier array ticks on another wide array of Swiss movements; these ones got the Caliber 2825-2 (automatic) and the Caliber: G10.961 (quartz). I’ll speak about the quartz also if I’m not outta mood by the time I’m through with the mechanical. This time, it’s for the deep guys; if you just consider looks while buying, go ahead and slam your money on it. You’ll be wearing that look as long as you don’t get bored of it. Then it will get someone else interested.

This is something only the wearer can enjoy. In the 2825-2, there’s runs the possibility of arbitrary placement of pointers, allowing new designs for the dial. It’s built on a flexible module; there are two rows of 12 holes each for setting the gears that move the hour, minute and seconds hands. Any hole you choose, the gear is set. There are 25 jewels and 182 parts in this 4hz movement and all that within a 25.60 mm (across) and 6.60 mm (depth). You can store 42-hours of power in its reserve.

As I knew it, my patience for today runs out. The quartz tales after I see how many of you are actually into the thing.

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