An Overview of Citizen Eco-Drive BM6770-51E BM6770-51 Men’s Watch

Eco drive watch is another step towards living a life, which is on a balance with nature. Citizen developed a way to utilize light as a power source. And it doesn’t even need to be sunlight – any light source will do fine. Citizen Eco-Drive watch incorporates solar panels to capture energy from various light sources. On the surface, the most observable difference is that the latter relies on fewer moving parts. It utilizes a secondary solar-powered battery as a source of power that can keep the watch running even when its primary battery runs out of power.

Time is something which moves along with every human and never stops. And Citizen eco drive is the watch which will make you on time. This watch has the Calibre of E111. Ecodrive has a date window at 3 hour. It is designed in Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet. Black Dial with Roman Numbers makes it easily readable. This Citizen Mens Watch has the advantages of scratch resistant and non-reflective with its Sapphire Crystal glass. It looks a nice official watch and suits in formal wear. Unlike other casual watches you don’t need to change your watch again and again since it is not only formal by stylish. Another benefit of this Citizen Ecodrive Watch is your ability to wear them underwater, if you enjoy swimming or snorkeling. It is 100 percent water resistant up to 100Meter depth. If you are using Citizen Eco-Drive Watch you don’t need to worry about low battery or overcharged battery since it has the features to overcome both these problems. It has Overcharge Prevention Function and Insufficient Charge Warning Function.

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Some Important Features:

Citizen Eco-Drive BM6770-51E BM6770-51 Men's Watch
Citizen Eco-Drive BM6770-51E BM6770-51 Men's Watch

Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Eco-Drive Movement
Eco-Drive ( recharged by any light source, no need to change battery)
Calibre No.: E111
Black Dial
Date Display
Sapphire Crystal
Overcharge Prevention Function
Insufficient Charge Warning Function
100M Water Resistant

This watch is available for US $129.00 with us.

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