Rosie is a girl I met sometime back. We were pretty much different in our tastes and hobbies, her interests ran more in jewelry, apparel and accessories. We oftentimes argued if its haute couture of the modern times or the high-fashion of the Neolithic age that she followed; in her words, paleolithic was me. So needless saying my love for mechanicals was looked down upon in front of dinner plate-sized flashy rarities but truth be told, I used to feel rather amused than being annoyed or angry.

So inevitably, one day – rather – one fine evening, it was quite the storm in a tea – pardon me – coffee cup. I wanted to head for the Cellar (when it’s 38 degrees celcius outside, all you want is a chilled lager) while her choice was the coffee shop. A woman always has the last words in an argument, so coffee it was; the storm came free. Her elder bro was tying the wedlock and all her dresses and the add-on aside, she needed a watch. It doesn’t require a mention that she was definitely not looking for my suggestions or opinions; she just wanted someone to keep her company.

I won’t tell you what she bought though I don’t mind saying it was a hefty sum for peanuts; if gold plating and crystals only made prestigious watches, then Heaven help me, I don’t mind going back to the sun-dials.

What I suggested? That all I put underneath. I showed her these three online before her (and mine) patience ran out and we headed for the mall. I guess women find handling things more enticing than fixing their mind on a specific target.

 1. Citizen Eco-Drive Power Reserve: A simple, advanced timekeeper running on light. Doesn’t matter if it’s the bright sun or the dim glow of a candle. It’s built to last through hardships and the changing trends. Stores 200+ days of charge (full).

Spock’s logic: When your purchase stands a high chance of infrequent use, it’s only logical to ensure it requires minimum maintenance.

 2. Seiko Lord Series Swarovski Crystal:The new Seiko Lord collection is popular among young, fashionable watch buyer both for its bold, trend-setting designs and the cutting-edge and innovative technology. A unique blend of everything good.

Spock’s logic: High-design goes only halfway unless mated to a masterful craftsmanship. To ensure the given shape stay-put for long spans, you cannot choose mediocre material logically.

 3. Citizen Eco-Drive Power Reserve: Form, function, prettiness and a great deal of admiration for this brand, it’s only obvious that I mentioned it for the second time. The no-fumble watch for both casual and formal wears, it has a wonderfully light and breezy built.

Spock’s logic: Outdoors offer everything a little more, so it’s logical to buy something that will work fine on its own without interrupting in your fun.

 Are Vulcan women (those who remain) logical too? If yes, then somebody got the number of Spocky’s wifey? I would really love to get her opinions on this.