We are now pretty much used to watches that do more than just telling the time. I’m not quite sure how many people opt for them out of pure appreciation as opposed to their sheer inability for draping around a banner with their personal details on it; in my not so humble opinion, it is mostly the nouveau-riche in whose hands absolutely gorgeous beauties turn into just status symbols, or a blatant statement of their money and nothing else. It doesn’t require any more to own a King’s heart to own a King’s purse; so wearing a Rolex or an Omega – the two most common names in the luxury watch world – is no more one hell of a big deal! Only that treating the Rolex as the costliest watch or the Omega as something James Bond wore is ridiculously stupid! A true appreciation for all that design, quality and complexity only comes with the power to evaluate a watch for what it is intended to be; which is to say, on its own terms.

But it’s also true that such upper-range timepieces today are not as novel as they used to be during the times when technology was just a toddler; however they do tell us a thing or two about the wearer. Whether it’s a mindset that we developed over all these years is beside the point and would take hours from a debate standpoint to solve the riddle, but fact remains that within social contexts, they determine a lot of things in the public eye. Among those, your social position and wealth are primary but making a good impression, it requires the right watch that will speak about your level of education and therefore; taste. It’s more than just merely making it fit!  It goes beyond just some top picks or brands; rather, it enters the realms of realization of why – above all – you want to sport a particular watch! And that’s not just for the price; instead, it is more about responsibly handling your money. It’s a delicate balance excelled over the years; something certainly the nouveau-riche lack. In a business setting, it matters a lot, for it will tell your clients how responsibly you’ll also handle their money.

That’s not to say you must appear conservative or classy all the time; there are plenty out there which signal your success; shows your wealth casually and your ability to work smart. These are the casual/dress or dress/sport and even the high-end, steel sports watches; with maybe, just a little gold sprinkled here and there. Whether they are going to impress your in-laws is a different question altogether but well, under such circumstances, wearing a brand that’s well-known to them is obviously a safer choice.

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