Hey, Gonzo! I read a couple of your posts on Diesel. I got three Diesel-s but they are no way going with me to my first big job. I’m 25+, so I think it’s high time I calm down everything boldly-youthful, rebelliously-spirited and start wearing something that shows my real character. I’m sure this great fashion icon has something to fit my current, long-term need.

Or, to be very blunt, should I at all wear a Diesel to work?


[S-i-l-e-n-c-e] You want to follow office decorum – that’s appreciable. To calm down everything boldly-youthful, rebelliously-spirited at the ripe old-age of 25 – that’s definitely foresight! Cool! I appreciate that too. Just don’t forget to take it out once in a while and check if it still runs.

I simply give up answering your question. Better, ask yourself whether you will wear the brand Diesel to the office. There’s no separate rule for the Diesel timepiece; your selection, however, should be correct. See this Diesel Master Chief for example.

This one can be a hot choice for an office goer. It projects boldness and character together, so it’s not necessary that you give up all the fun to earn a character. What’s more important is – Are you living up to your true character? Try to answer me this question.

As far as pure technicalities go, the Master Chief isn’t anything all that special. It’s not meant for professional, outdoor use; but looks insidious enough and more twisted than any genius’ brains if you can match it up with a proper set of clothing. It’s not something to plaster an onlooker’s heart against the wall like riding the Gravitron but smart enough to handle emergency deadlines and a smart outlook. I’m sure the office doesn’t send ripe old men of 25 to climb rocks or diving into the deep sea.


Hello Gonzo! Given a choice, which one of the rival brands of Diesel are you going to pick within the same price range?




Apparently, there are quite a few, if you are to speak about the rival brands. A|X, Emporio Armani, Guess, Michael Kors, Fossil, Marc Jacobs – all these come within the same spectrum as Diesel watches, but not all are made the same. Comparing them would be like comparing apples to oranges, despite the fact they all are on par in terms of quality and price. The sharp contrast is in their style and here I would choose a matured looking decent-wear rather than a professional dinner-plate. Now, you figure out who, among these brands, makes the best-looking formal watch. You got to keep in mind traditional case shapes, size of the casing, the movement and that its simplicity must be eye-catching and should be able to invite compliments.

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