I might be harping on the same topic but frankly speaking, I wonder why the higher-end Casio watches never intrigued me so far. Not just the Sky Cockpits or the Gravity Defiers, even some of the Edifices are hard to browse past. I haven’t seen too many watches whose dials depict differently at first glances; one Black Label Edifice (the EQWM1100DC-1A2) does that. The EQWs are the most expensive of the lot.

This one’s dial looks like an aerial view of designed courtyard with moving things. Casio’s analog stage show paid off the brand big time. An analog format for sophisticated digital functions allows Casio to split a second into 1000 parts.

Casio’s endeavor is on since the last few years towards new levels of complexity and rich, three-dimensional appearances with textures and multiple levels without cutting down on easy visibility. Basic functions are kind of a no-brainer but advanced functions are not too obvious. If you are getting something like this, it’s essential you develop some reading habit. It’s for going through the manuals.


As decent, daily wears, Edifices are quickly becoming hot favorites and there are reasons behind. They present some very simple to very tool watches so that you never miss an occasion. You’ll certainly not wear that Black Label Edifice (the EQW line) while doing grocery or painting the fence, you’ll need something like the Casio Edifice EF-132PB-1A2. Casio presents the range to free pick, but no other option with its splashes of dynamic, spiced-up colors.

But speaking overall, Casio impresses with its latest fusion between technology, material and build, all within a well-set frame of esthetics. The neat looks of the recent models was long overdue but now we see that work come to fruition. Now, several great-looking Edifices are out; they come loaded in different colors, with different functions and built to resist any sort of damaging force. In short, with all the necessary and required bells-and-whistles shaped to depict speed in an intelligent way. That’s going beyond mere aesthetics.

Casio also incorporated an analog drive system (the ‘Multi-Mission Drive’ system) in the higher end, radio-controlled Edifices. It is a mechanism that utilizes sensor technology to move the hands independently and seek their own position. It’s self-caring timekeeping, anywhere you are in the world, in any of the 29 time zones.

So you see, the Edifice can be a great, inexpensive yet sturdy tool for a busy, hectic life where luxury actually spoils the show. Wearing a watch is all about good co-ordination with situations and requirements and Edifice brings some readily pickable presets in elegantly durable packages.