Certainly, it’s not my cup of tea; I’m just giving in to the pressure these blokes are creating. Digital or gadget watches are never my subject though it didn’t stop me from owning a few I really, really like. But here the team wants my two-cents on purely digital watches and I know why suddenly they got the hots for it; they know it’s a rough ocean for me to cross and therefore, the plans for some perverted pleasure-seeking.

In my eyes, sports is anything that’s sleek (not slim; that’s for dress watches), durable and made from high-quality steel and sometimes, resins and plastic composites. At its simplest, a sports watch is a dive watch; as you move higher, you get to the digital domain. Here, it’s packed to the gills! They have all sorts of bells and whistles within a simple watch case; from odometers, barometers and altimeters to compasses and GPS trackers; depth meters and even tide and moon-phase data. But blood pressure, temperature and pulse monitoring are also important especially at high altitudes or, if someone gets unwell.

So you see, how you define a sports watch really depends on what context you are looking at it; for what purpose? Gadget-types are vastly different and are not built as tough as real sports watches. An active life in urban territory is lot softer than the blizzard-hit hill-side or when you are drastically trying to swim upwards after risking your oxygen reserves bit too much. A gadget watch like the Casio PHYS Heart Rate Monitor is not built for that, though it can record time and alert you when your gas tank is nearing to be over. Here you need something diverse; something feature-laden and durable (and relatively affordable) like the  Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth Meter Promaster .

I’m not quite sure which category to place the Casio Illuminator Digital, at best, it is a sports watch to impress any geek as much as the Casio G-Shock Bluetooth V4.0 . Though you can do a lot more with the latter. These are highly functional for anybody as long as you are on the plainlands. Even those older calculator watches or first digital chronographs are also kind of gadget watches; they are good, nostalgic pieces.

And lastly, few reasons why you should go for these ana-digi or purely digi wristwear:

  • They are long-lasting.
  • They give you more than just time telling.
  • You come to know the time precisely, to its minutest detail. This is sometimes done with atomic timekeeping.
  • The best ones are heat-sealed to withstand any onslaught of dust, sand and water particles, even gas. You buy peace of mind.

But is the term interchangeable with sports, the question we started with? I gave you enough info to draw your own opinion. Mine is entirely my own and it’s very personal.

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