Luxury watches were never quite my thing. The Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit did just fine till Gonzo joined the team. The first few months he had been a real pain and posted quite a few of his opinions under my account; got no time to put them where they should belong. So, if you find me blabbering in any of the previous posts on how great luxury watches are, know it’s Gonzo’s doing. Not that I have anything against luxury or Gonzo, but less luxury suits me more. The Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium is a fine example of my kinda luxury; or say, this Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph. When I’ll like luxury to go a bit overboard, I won’t look beyond the Seiko Chronograph Perpetual.  These I find got a lot of character, look classic and still can take daily beating and after some good, hard use, I might be able to pass it to someone younger to me by a generation (or more).

Some might ask: “Well, what about the Tissot T-Touch? Sure, absolutely no doubt about it! But the question is: Am I wealthy enough to laugh away at least six hundred bucks on the face of a mishap? I guess not; not at this point. The rest; well, I really think I shall not have any problem with.

Still, Gonzo is successful in getting all of us infected with the luxury bug and seeing others in the team and off it, I think I finally could find out why there are some who would give their right eye (or the front two teeth) in the name of luxury.

But do these people know luxury the way Gonzo knows it? Surprised? You must be; you must be thinking where did those incessant rants go? Instead, where did these praises come from?!? No, really; I’m not blind to the good side of anything (or anyone, in that case) and I have no shame admitting I discovered there’s quite a lot to learn when you let Gonzo take the helm. His ideas go beyond brands and terminology; price or general history; with him, luxury is a feel! A feel that money alone can’t buy or just precious metals alone can’t convey. Even a vintage Sicura may open up a whole new dimension of luxury to explore; it’s impossible without the feel! Along with that comes the opportunity for learning something new; for some, that’s fun.

Enter Gonzo


You really think my learned friend spoke so well without accepting a small bribe? Perhaps he wanted bit more, else he would mention the arguments on the prime points by now. Instead, he just beat around the bush.

I pick up the duty of telling you what makes men (and some women) go (read: fly) after luxury watches. But not today; the fellow already turned my mouth sour.

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