You could be a watch connoisseur, a collector or you might even be a snob; whatever it might – fact remains you’ll need a piece that you can mistreat, manhandle and abuse at will. Yes, of course; what could be better than G-Shocks? Or, a Seiko maybe?

That’s good if you want a digital or an ana/digi combo but they go well above a hundred dollars. Here, we talk about less than hundred dollars.

Pardon my forwardness; but these are watches I’ll personally hate to let them go into mud, slime, oil and grease; face enormous impacts and abrasions until it’s time. They are built for purpose and I’ll be very happy that my G-Shock and Pro-Trek are going to survive through such stressful events. I won’t put them under tests intentionally. Doesn’t matter if I’m on a trek or shoveling mud in the garden. Even worse, while doing something messy with oils, spanners and grease.

I say all these for I encountered one of the Ice watches. Apparently plain and simple looking and sharing the same tough attributes as the few G-Shocks and Pro-Treks in that price range. Looking at Ice Watches was pretty exciting; they are unexpectedly light in their weight! But then again, they chiefly build for women and children. So, it can be anticipated.

You don’t feel like there’s anything upon your wrist; it’s free from added functions and is just a quartz chronograph watch that does its job well. It’s colorful and quite useful when you go swimming, a day at the outdoors; gardening or watering your plants, washing or servicing your ride, which is essentially a mechanical device bringing both amusement and excitement. It feels like a good watch; it’s light but hard. You don’t regret its loss.

Their particular Swatch-like appeal makes me want to put them among the designer watches, yes even the ICE Aqua Marine Large Chronograph albeit it copes well with the dirty jobs.

Whether you like the look or not is your personal choice. If you do, you’ll get a watch cheap enough to play around with. It’s a real watch that is fashionable and brightly colored. It has practical appliance and ideally does well with its water-resistance.

It’s been some 12 years now Ice watches came to the market with a fresh vision of fashion. The watch designs are for any contemporary market up for innovative wearables and shows creativity, affordability and relevance – all at the same time.

That got bit florid, alright; but many musicians choose Ice watches while onstage with the band. It bears with insanity too well! Invest on a colorful piece that you may wear in snow, heat or rain when you hesitate wearing the heavier, costly pieces.

Watch mentioned in this post is listed below.  Click to see details and buy.


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