Quite a lot among you readers will be surprised (and that surprisal is going to be irrational) knowing that Gonzo is spending his weekend writing about Casio. Why, may I ask? Agreed that Gonzo is a snob to quite an extent when it comes to watches and other men’s things but that doesn’t mean he will deliberately overlook good points just to satisfy his ego. Then again, it’s only something substantial that can make him go beyond his ego and – to an extent – a judgmental mindset, which evidently proves when Gonzo is writing about Casio, there’s something about it that caught his attention.

That’s to say, there are quite a few watches from the brand that you just need to make a part of a worthwhile collection. They are vastly different from the expensive, luxury types that won’t stand even half the intensity of hardships that you can make the Casio-s undergo jokingly. Truth to be said, these are the luxuries for the wide, open fields; heat and humidity, dust and wind. Out there, when you are cracking open up a chestnut pod – even just for fun – you need no prying tool if there’s one of these Casio watches on you.

That however, doesn’t apply to the entry-level Casio watches; however, as you start moving upwards, things all in a sudden turn better, even the entry level, dirt cheap G-Shock, which is itself a very wide range of field watches with the upper echelons hovering above and around the $1000 mark. They are a different kind of luxury where even the highest prices do not get anywhere near to their Swiss counterparts!

The G-Shock watches are ultimate, tough wrist wear that stand a great deal of punishments with a more compact, feminine and sportier version named Baby-G, which we keep aside for some other time. Currently, we are focusing only on the men’s. However, men with a soft corner for gorgeous and light colors and peppier displays might want to give the Baby-G a try.

The luxury G-Shock is a premium piece of wonderful features and functions and is sure to arouse anyone with a love for top quality materials, designs and finishes. You do not need to go straight up to the G-Steel right away; a look at the Casio G-Shock GULFMASTER Quad Sensor would give you a feel of the things to come. Or, maybe even the Casio G-Shock Gravity-defier Atomic! Or, the G-Shock Mudmaster Triple Sensor! You’ll be spoilt for choice.

In the following installments, we will gradually cover the Protrek and the Edifices, but till then, I’ll let you recover from the G-Shock! Play well, play hard. The Gs grant you the authority!

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