The question is… Automatic movements, some of them, are priceless works of art, drooled after to be collected and treasured. We don’t feel the same way about quartz calibers, though. Had there ever been any comparison test between quartz calibers from different brands? The stand of quartz From a collector’s standpoint, there are only a few quartz watches fit to be appreciated for their value. Needless to say, most do not have it to become a collectible. But some quartz watches have managed to become collectibles. No, not the first-ever production quartz watch (the Seiko Quartz-Astron) or the AP Royal Oak Quartz or the Cartier Tank Solo in gold! Those became collectibles long time back; it is about quartz watches that probably shall hold their value for a long time to come. What’s so great about them? To be endorsed as an excellent, high-end, quality watch to any collection, a quartz watch needs more than just a classic look. It is common with any reputable manufacturer, so real collectors won’t exactly feel drawn to it. However, for sentimental values, there’s nothing barring treating even the simplest of quartz watches as collectibles. If it has an unusual look no automatic/mechanical will support; or built for some specific purpose that an automatic watch can’t provide, ever; it’s a collectible.   You should buy it regardless of what others might speak about its depreciation in value. Helping you choose better

1.   Orient Classic Quartz

A classy, dress watch; the type that is not easy to come by. Being a two-hander, it doesn’t bother you with a jumping seconds-hand. Hard to differentiate from a mechanical watch by just looking at it.

2.   Skagen Henrickson Limited Edition Solar

A sustainable watch to make your statement to be heard loud and clear. It’s made from recycled materials and the solar-charging quartz movement frees you from the burden of battery replacements.

3. Maserati Epoca

The Epoca is inspired by the design of the Maserati 3500 GT (1957), symbolizing style and excellence within a vintage soul from the Forties and Fifties.

4. Seiko Prospex World Time Solar Chronograph

A perfect watch for the globetrotter, this will help you transfer your touring memories to your next generation. Never needs a battery change.

5.   Citizen Navihawk A-T Eco-Drive Chronograph

An extremely functional watch that also looks great while doing its job. It would be a testament of precision to the days of future.

6. Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Alarm

This tactile watch is the forefather of today’s smart watches and doesn’t depend on your smart phone for its performance.  A touch-screen watch powered by solar energy – that’s the recipe for some mega fun in the woods!.

7.   Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind Chronograph Quartz GMT

This concept came much before the flight computer; embrace a piece of history about how crosswinds were calculated. Make your adventure meet accuracy.
We’ve covered here the best 7 budget quartz watches that you will feel proud to include in your collection. Drop a reply to let us know about your own list.