Passionate about the latest nitty-gritty in the watch world? Then get ready to have your heartstrings tugged with the Orient Open Heart Automatic series. Although the collection was launched in 2018, the series is still a true rockstar in the realm of watches.

Even six years after its launch, the Orient Automatic Open Heart collection continues to push boundaries. Here, traditional watchmaking meets a daring, almost cheeky, innovation. Each piece in this series has a rhythmic beat of raw, unfiltered charm.

What’s so special? The Open mechanical display, the automatic movement, the dressy look, and the wondrous variations in design, especially the Orient Blue Moon Open Heart model, will surely capture your heart.

It’s not just about telling time; it’s about telling a story – your story – with a captivating flair. The Orient Open Heart series is a bold statement, a testament to those who dare to stand out in this journey through life.

The Heart-Spilling Design

The watch attracts attention to the allure of giving a sneak peek into its mechanism. Yes, the Orient Open Heart Automatic series stands apart with its brazenly transparent ‘open heart’ feature. This ingenious design highlights the watch’s intricate mechanical movement, highlighting the oscillating balance wheel.

The design is stunningly elegant. Although the open part remains the statement feature of the Orient Open Heart series, the rest of the watch also presents a classy design.

The dial blends the open window with crisp indices and subtle branding, presenting sleek minimal designs with elaborate detailing. The intricate hands and hour markers further enhance the watch’s classy look.

The body consists of resilient stainless steel cases with either sturdy mineral glass or scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Size-wise, the Orient Automatic Open Heart series aligns with both current trends and classic tastes, offering cases ranging from a moderate 40mm to larger dimensions.

The Elegant Beauty Of The Automatic Movement

At the core of the Orient Open Heart Automatic Watch is definitely Orient’s own automatic movement, crafted entirely in-house. This dedication to creating everything from design to assembly within their own walls ensures each watch is of the highest quality.

When you move throughout your day, your wrist’s motion keeps the watch going. This self-winding feature sets your Orient Open Heart watch apart from others. And if it’s been off your wrist for a while, you can easily wind it up manually. This automatic and manual winding blend combines the best of both worlds – modern convenience and traditional watchmaking.

Diverse Array Of Styles

A timepiece that goes with almost everything in your wardrobe- The Orient Open Heart Automatic Watch collection offers a diverse range of styles, each with its unique charm. From the classic charm of stainless steel to the bold statement of leather straps and the uniquely varied dials – there’s everything!

The variety of watches will match your variety in taste:

  • Orient Esteem: Classic elegance meets contemporary design, featuring Roman numerals and a dress watch aesthetic, complemented by an exposed balance wheel and a sophisticated leather strap.
  •  Orient Bambino: This piece echoes vintage grace with its domed crystal and dial, blending a retro-inspired dress watch style with the practicality of everyday water resistance.
  • Orient Contemporary: Modern and minimalist, this watch boasts clean lines, a sleek case, and versatile dial colors. It is available with either a stainless steel bracelet or a leather strap for a contemporary look.
  • Orient Sun and Moon: Artistic in design, this model marries an open display with a sun and moon complication, adding a decorative day/night indicator for added complexity and style.
  • Orient Aviator: Rugged and sporty, inspired by pilot’s watches, it features a larger dial and luminous hands/markers, ideal for the adventurous spirit.
  • Orient Star: Part of Orient’s luxury line, this watch exudes high-end appeal with its superior movement quality, fine finishing, and exhibition case back. It embodies sophistication.
  • Orient Blue Moon Open Heart: Named for its distinctive blue dial with a gradient effect, this model combines dressy and modern aesthetics, often paired with a leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.

The Ultimate Dress Watch To Match Your Groove

Having trouble deciding between your casuals and formals? There’s one watch to go with all. The versatility of the Orient Automatic Open Heart watch is truly unmatched. It seamlessly complements every formal, casual, and dress look in your wardrobe.

The sophisticated design of models like the Bambino or Symphony makes them perfect for pairing with well-tailored suits or blazers, enhancing the classic elegance of formal wear. The watch also adapts perfectly to smart casual attire in more relaxed settings. It complements a casual shirt and blazer, a relaxed yet smart outfit.

The watch also works wonderfully with well-fitted denim or chinos, acting as a bridge between casual comfort and refined style. For daily office wear, this watch is a stellar choice. It pairs beautifully with a crisp dress shirt and slacks, exuding subtle elegance—the metal bracelet or a leather strap that complements your office ensemble.

For formal events like dinners or galas, the Orient Open Heart Watch takes on a more prominent role. With its polished finish and sleek design, it adds a refined touch to dinner jackets and tuxedos. Darker dials or leather straps become particularly striking in these environments, standing out in the evening’s ambiance.

The versatility of the collection is epitomized in the Orient Blue Moon Open Heart model, featuring a distinctive blue dial that makes a statement with both casual and formal wear. This watch is the ultimate choice for integrating elegance and style into every moment of your life.

Features That Further Elevate The Orient Innovation

Gone are the days when watches were as good as sundials. Modern watches are all about additional functionality besides telling time. To this end, the Orient Open Heart Watch series is renowned for having many modern features.

Among them, the key highlight is probably the power reserve, typically ranging from 40 to 50 hours. This means once the watch is fully wound, either by wrist movement or manual winding, it can run for up to two days without needing additional winding.

Water resistance is another thoughtful feature of these watches. While the degree of resistance varies across models, most watches in this collection can handle everyday water encounters like hand washing or rain, usually up to 30 to 50m.

Many models feature an exhibition case back, displaying the intricate movement inside. For enhanced visibility in low light, some models even come with luminous hands and markers. Practicality is further enhanced in specific models with a date display.

An Affordable Treasure For Collectors

The Orient Open Heart Automatic series stands out as a luxurious yet surprisingly affordable gem. The standout feature is the visible mechanical movement, displaying the dance of the balance wheel. This detail is typically a hallmark of high-end luxury watches, but Orient brings this enchanting aspect within reach of a wider audience.

Each model in this series has a unique identity, offering collectors variety and a sense of exclusivity. This range allows enthusiasts to find a watch that truly speaks to their style. The Orient Open Heart series is a dream for collectors who cherish the beauty of mechanical movements.

  In essence, the Orient Open Heart Automatic watch is a treasure for any collector. The brand heritage of Orient further enriches the value of these watches. Owning a piece from this amazing series is about being part of a legacy.

What We Think About The Luxury Series

We may be a little late to the Orient party, but it’s considered fashionable. Since the series has already made quite a name for itself, everything worth knowing is already out there. So, we’ll give you our own take on the classic timepiece.

The Orient Open Heart watch series has captivated us with its blend of mechanical beauty and accessible luxury. The open display adds a unique, visually appealing touch that is often reserved for pricier luxury watches.

We’re impressed by the exceptional value this series offers. Orient’s in-house movement manufacturing also deserves mention. The various designs also deserve applause, with styles suitable for both formal and casual occasions. These watches are top-notch, stylish, and comfortable, making them ideal for everyday use.

While comparisons to luxury brands are inevitable, Orient Open Heart holds its own, especially considering the price point. Minor desires for improvements like higher water resistance are overshadowed by the overall excellence of these timepieces.

Overall, Orient’s reputation as a trustworthy watchmaker is well-reflected in these watches, making them a fantastic choice for both casual wearers and collectors. The technical finesse mixed with the classy aesthetic charm makes the Orient Automatic Open Heart watch series a genuine hit in the world of modern watches.


These watches feature an automatic movement known for their reliability and the distinctive open display that showcases internal mechanics.

Yes, in addition to being automatic, most models in the series also support manual winding for added convenience.

The power reserve for these watches typically ranges from 40 to 50 hours, depending on the specific model and its movement.

Yes, the series offers various strap options, including leather straps and stainless steel bracelets, to suit different tastes and occasions.

Most Orient watches, including this collection, have a water resistance range of 30 to 50m, suitable for everyday activities like washing hands or rainfall.

Orient Automatic Open Heart FAG00004D0 AG00004D Men’s Watch

Orient Open Heart Automatic FAG03001D0 Men’s Watch

Orient Star Open Heart Analog Blue Dial Automatic RE-ND0012L00B Women’s Watch

Orient Classic Sun & Moon Open Heart Automatic RA-AS0010S10B Men’s Watch