There’s an unknown side to the Seiko 5 SNK series of watches. It’s usually the impressive and dignified visuals that get the attention, but that’s not all. Unlike some of my fellow clansmen, it’s not my recommendation to go ahead and buy the first SNK you come across; to appreciate fully something this subtle and subdued, you need to perfect your taste with understanding. It will fulfill your timetelling needs even more; else, your every single cell will tell you to settle for some extra-adequate alternative. Always heading for a competition is not always a solution; with SNK, you got to keep that in mind.

The SNKs’ tool background – or say, inspiration – is well hidden beneath the steel except for some of the overtly military styles. That’s the spirit we are talking about; not the 21-jewel 7S26C automatic movement. Though, it imparts the watch a large chunk of its overally fantastic value.

Now, a lot of you might ask if the 37 (or 38)mm size is okay for men, to which, a plausible answer will be a lot of men prefer smaller watches when it comes to daily, rigorous use. Fanciful watches make you cautious in your subconscious and steals your freedom of free movement; with Seiko SNK, the question doesn’t arise for you know its built for rough use.  For women, it makes just about right size and an excellent choice for them with a preference for boyfriend-style accessories.

The real strong point of the Seiko 5 SNK; however, is its abundant aftermarket parts. There are tons of mods available and if you dislike something about a particular model, you can simply put something else on it and make it exotic. This makes the SNK series are a one-of-a-kind of watches bring the real fun of watch collecting.

Customising a watch (the insides, not just the strap or band or bracelet) and making it your own, IMHO, rules out even some of the high-end staples. Simplicity is key on these; there’s no place for pouty pleasures. While sanding a dial and removing all of the markings before applying a coat or lacquer is all right, putting a Hello Kitty  pic on the dial is not. Flip the SNK’s styling with clean and contemporary aesthetics; don’t flip it over totally give in to frivolity.

But, a word of caution! Despite the simple sounding methodologies like sanding and applying coat, they shall require dismantling the entire watch, which is a tricky endeavor. Though you don’t need to strip the movement to its components, but it is still a tricky affair and without experience, it might mean a big blunder.

But then again, you’ll end-up gaining some knowledge working on a real watch. For real cheap.


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