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Watches must in affordable luxury!

Affordable, a vague and variable term; in modern luxury contexts presents something presentable; something that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The watch kingdom, as we see it today, offers quite a few of such surprises worthy of respect. Which to endorse? All equally good for the purposes they have been built. Most […]

Gonzo and his grumblings – II: Why I find affordable luxury a boon

-“With high-priced (and very high-priced) watches, even a relatively well-informed person undergoes a certain dilemma; of what’s been told and what he will get. Choosing an awesome watch thus gets difficult and then, again you come back to reality. So, understand first that different watches have different objectives; so to speak, a watch is intended to be appreciated on its own terms.” Affordable – in its real sense – is simply ‘less expensive’. To some, those two very words add a stigma right away;

Orient Star Power Reserve: Quite easy to get, very hard to forget

Grand Seiko, in my humble opinion, is quite close to any JLC. A step down and there’s something that bridges the price gap even nicer, removing a fundamental constraint in affordable, luxury horology. The other one in this category is the Presage, but we are here to talk about the Star! Both are owned by […]

Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SNZG15: In the Upper Echelons of Entry-Level Automatics

Seiko’s reputation of entry-level automatics matches that with the Glock and its SNZG series of Seiko 5 Sports Automatics match up to that of the good old Glock 17’s stellar reputation. Both combine excellent style to robust durability, accuracy and reliability under the most demanding situations. Just like Glock, Seiko introduced some innovative features in […]

Newsletter : Blowout Sale: 5% additional discount on 50+ Watches!

What a great way for some super savings! We wanted you to have some real good fun while shopping, so we brought you extra price slashes on the already lowered prices on the watches in our roster. How much you ask? Well, we decided to cut the prices down by an extra 5% when you […]

5 vs. 7

Just when Gonzo was about to go another round about his much coveted Seiko 5 the other day; he suddenly jolted to the 7. Japanese watch manufacturers seem to have hots for odd numbers…. Orient uses 3, Seiko uses Five; Citizen uses Eagle Seven. The Japanese arch-rivalry in the entry-level, mechanical watch-market is old. All […]

Newsletter: Seiko 5 Automatic SNZG Series Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

The sturdy and affordable mechanical range from Seiko gets the spotlight again! The Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SNZG Series watches are on sale once more; with an additional 8% discount when you use the Coupon Code: SNZG8 with every purchase of the SNGZ watches. These are for them who prefer mid-sized to larger watches without […]

Newsletter : Cyber Monday Sale is on – Last Chance to Save up to 88% off on Watches!

This Cyber Monday, Creationwatches brings you offers that you can’t resist! On one hand, there is a 15% discount on selected 250 watches when you use the coupon code CMSALE, while on the other, we are making available the rest of the stock with an additional 8% on the regular slashed prices with the use […]

Seiko SNKK  – The jack of all trades watch

The Seiko SNKK all throughout, has been an oft-overlooked Seiko 5. It’s quite tough grasping the legacy unless you know the Seiko 5 history. The completely clueless can read it from official Seiko 5 website later on; for now, you are in a discussion about a performance, reliability and lasting of a better standard than […]

Mt. Fuji is now a World Heritage Site! Seiko pays their tribute

Moral of the story: Get into the heritage diver scene without breaking the bank. This stylish, well-built automatic with sporty vintage looks is a great way to go. There’s a common point I share with Gonzo. We both love Seiko-s, though not all the models. Gonzo’s preferences run towards the classier kind while mine is […]