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Orient Mako – A watch that sets you apart in a crowd!

The Orient Mako makes your wrist look fabulous! Today, a watch is not just a personal time keeper; it is also a fashion statement. What brand and type of watch you wear says a lot about who you are and this holds true especially for men. Women have a dozen accessories to complement their appearance

Orient Mako Automatic Watch

A truly impressive watch to look at, solid case, right dimensions, and good functionality, rugged and highly durable – isn’t this something we look for when buying a watch? The Orient Mako Automatic watch is all that and more. What’s a watch without its accuracy? Commercially available at an attractive price, the Orient Mako Automatic

A Review of Orient Automatic FNRAP004W0 Womens Watch

  If womens want casual and good looking watch than here is one more watch from Orient Automatic womens watches. Take a look on this Orient Automatic FNRAP004W0 womens watch. This Orient Watch built with Solid Gold Plated Stainless Steel Case, the tough and comfortable Brown leather strap is gracefully designed by Orient. The combination

A Review of Orient Automatic FEM7A006R9 Sports Mens Watch

  All the Orient watches have unique design that makes them different look. This Orient Automatic watch is the best timepieces from the Orient collection. This Orient Watch is made up of bold Stainless Steel case and bracelet. This good looking Orient timekeeper is made by Japan. This Orient Mens Watch is has a best

A Review of Orient Automatic FER02005B0 Mens Watch

  If you are looking for a watch that has perfect mix of functionality and style, look at this. The FER02005B0 is from the new Orient collection. It is a Men’s Automatic watch with 21 Jewels. This Orient Watch is well designed and made up of Black Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet. The case and

A Review of Orient Classic Automatic FEV0S003BH Mens Watch

  Introducing new Automatic Men’s Watch from the Orient Watches! The model Number of this watch is FEV0S003BH. This Orient Mens Watch is made up of strong Stainless Steel Case and bracelet. Stainless Steel is the most commonly used material in watch making. It is solid and silver polished. The main feature of this classic

A Review of Orient Automatic FNRAP001H0 Womens Watch

  If you are a woman and want a watch which suits on both the casual and formal dressing! Take a look on this Orient Automatic FNRAP001H0 Womens Watch. This Orient Ladies Watch is made up of solid Stainless Steel case and elegantly designed with the comfortable and durable Black leather Strap. You can easily

A Review of Orient Automatic FER02005B0 Mens Watch

  The company produces both quartz and mechanical watches for mens and womens they has been well known and respected name in watch making industry.  The brand Orient designs and make their own automatic watches. Both the black case and black bracelet of this orient mens watch is made up of scratch resistant stainless steel

An Overview of Orient Classic Automatic FEVAF004BH Mens Watch

  Orient is a well known and respected name in watch making industry. This Orient Automatic FEVAF004BH Mens Watch is a classic timepiece made up of Stainless Steel Case with Black Leather Strap. The leather strap of this watch is skin friendly and easy to adjust by the size of your wrist. It contrasts with

An Article of Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton FDW01001F0 Mens Watch

  The watch brand orient offers various designers timepieces for both men and women. Orient is a trusted name in watch making business. Both the case and the bracelet of this Orient Watch are made by strong and durable stainless steel material. The working mechanism of this watch is based on automatic movement; orient has

An Overview of Orient Automatic FDB07008F0 Womens Watch

  A new and very stylish model in Orient Womens Watches! This Orient Automatic FDB07008F0 Women’s Watch is a really delicate and dynamic piece. It looks superbly elegant and cool. This watch has a stainless steel case and comes with a leather strap. It has Automatic Movement with 21 Jewels and the working Caliber is 46A40. It

A Review of Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton FDB01009T0 Womens Watch

  Watches are no longer just a timekeeping piece among the fairer sex.  Used increasingly as jewelry pieces, women’s watches in a variety of colors and designs are increasingly in demand. To serve comes this very attractive Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton FDB01009T0 Womens Watch. A suit-all brown shade gives it a classic and elegant look.

A Review of Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton FDB0100AW0 Womens Watch

  A classic and elegant timepiece! When shopping for a fine watch, this Orient Automatic Semi-Skeleton FDB0100AW0 Women’s Watch will always good with the latest style to look for. This Orient Watch is designed for durability with style. The case and the bracelet are made up of Stainless Steel. This is made in Japan timepiece.

A Review of Orient Classic Automatic FDH00001B0 Mens Watch

The working of this Orient Automatic FDH00001B0 watch is based on automatic movement and can store enough energy for up to 40 hours. This watch has 21 jewels with working caliber of 48K40. Coated with sapphire crystal glass, it has a black dial with bright luminescent hands. The watch shows dual time and comes with two

Newsletter: Orient Mechanical Skeleton Power Reserve Watches on Sale!

US $199: Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton Power Reserve CFT00002M Mens Watch We have just added 2 exceptionally beautiful Orient Automatic watches to our collection. They are made in Japan which ensures top notch quality. With power-reserve indicator, Sapphire crystal, 23 Jewels, 100m water resistance, partially see-through dial and for less than $200 these are a