Now that cell phones have become an integral part of almost everyone’s everyday way of life, many argue if a wrist watch is at all something that’s necessary to your life. Human history tells us that it has only been around for a small fraction of time; life existed before but it wasn’t the hectic, fast-paced life that we are a part of today. When time was ample, being timely and punctual was easy. The watch rationed time for all of us. It’s the course of event that now you can’t reverse.

The travelers feel the pinch more than anyone of us. When you are up to catching an inter-continental flight, you got to keep track of many other things than just your local time. You got to manage your schedule according to the time that prevails at your destination. Yes, you can definitely do it with your cell phone but that takes multiple steps; the first one of which is pulling it out of your pocket. Taking a quick glance at your wrist to find out the same information is way easier. And certainly, with a wrist-top gadget with considerable aesthetic appeal no doubt makes you feel good about yourself.

Since we started with the context of traveling, so for now, let’s stick to the watches that cater specifically to one’s traveling needs. A couple most seemingly simple, yet useful of such advents are the GMT and the World Time.

This is done by adding a secondary 24-hour adjustable hand and a 24-hour format printed or etched on the bezel. That way, you gain the ability to track two time zones at once; home and destination. By default, it will show you the Greenwich Mean Time (time at 0° longitude i.e. Prime Meridian).

The world time watches, however, do way more than the GMT. The simplest ones require the bezel with city names to be turned and current city to be aligned with the displayed time. The layout is made in such a way that the rest of the cities line up accordingly. Figuring out is easy; however, with more advanced, electronically controlled world time watches, you also get access to a lot of eye candy. Examples include flashing digits on LCD displays, retracting hands and moving pointers; however, these consume a lot of power and brands like Citizen, Casio and Seiko incorporated automatic power supply within their products – Solar and the Seiko-exclusive Kinetic. They garner respect, last a lifetime and denote time far better than any atrociously priced Swiss time-tellers and have proven their mettle over the years more than any other watch from any other part of the world. They are beautiful, functional, and durable and highlight your sense of practicality.

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