CITIZEN Eco-Drive Alarm Perpetual Calendar BL8001-51L

BL8001-51L is a Men’s Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Watch from Citizen, This watch is made in Japan. It has blue dial with Stainless Steel Case, Screw case back, Sapphire Glass, three fold Clasp lock with Push button release Stainless Steel Band. The water resistant of this watch is 100 Meters.

This Product has round shape display. The type of this watch is Analog. There is a numerals roman numerals with bar. Case Material Stainless Steel. It’s Strap Type is Bracelet. The color of Strap is Silver and Strap Material is Steel. It has Eco-drive movement.

This watch is a solar-powered watch that contains a solar cell in its face that drives the watch by converting light energy into electrical energy. It is also equipped with numerous functions including a perpetual calendar that changes the date automatically (changes the number of years from the most recent leap year, month, date and day automatically until February 28, 2100 including leap years), a daily alarm that can be set based on a 24 hour clock, and a local time function that enables setting of time differences in one hour units.

This watch is equipped with four modes consisting of a time, calendar, alarm and local time mode. The mode changes when the crown is pulled out to Position 1 and turned. The current mode can be confirmed with the mode hand.

This watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar that changes the year (number of years elapsed from the most recent leap year), month, date and day automatically until February 28, 2100, including leap years, once the date has been set. The months are arranged such that 1:00 corresponds to January, 2:00 to February, 3:00 to March and so forth so that 11:00 corresponds to November and 12:00 to December. The alarm function uses a 24 hour clock. Once the alarm has been set, the alarm sounds for 15 seconds when the set time is reached once a day.

In addition to this it also has following 3 main functions.

Insufficient Charge Warning function
When the watch becomes insufficiently charged, the watch switches to the time mode regardless of which mode is displayed at that time, and the second hand begins to move at 2-second intervals to indicate that the watch is insufficiently charged.

Over charge prevention function
When the secondary battery becomes fully charged as result of light shining into the watch dial (solar cell), the over charge prevention feature is activated automatically to prevent the battery from being charged further. This prevents the performance of the solar cell and secondary battery from deteriorating no matter how much the watch is charged, and lets you expose the watch to light without worrying about overcharging.

Power save Function
When power is no longer generated as a result of light not shining continuously for 30 minutes or more on the solar cell during the time or local time mode, the second hand moves to the 0 seconds position and stops and the power save feature is activated to reduce current consumption. The 24 hour hand, hour hand and minute hand continue to keep the correct time even when the watch is in the power save mode. When the watch has been sufficiently charged and power generation resumes, the second hand rapidly advances to the current seconds and begins 1-second interval movement.

Some important features:

  • Blue Dial
  • Eco Drive Technology Powered By Any Light Source
  • Never Requires A Battery
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • 24 Hour Alarm
  • Dual Time
  • Luminous Hands & Markers
  • 100m Water Resist
  • Hardlex Crystal
  • Citizen Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Low Charge Indicator
  • 180 Days Power Reserve
  • Size of Case: 40mm Width

This watch is available for USD 260 with us
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