We’ve seen previously how the Cocktail Time refreshed the entire Presage Cocktail collection. A unique, domestic cocktail of Japanese expertise and its lustful representation, the Presage Cocktails get us on the fence for some thinking about which model exactly to purchase.  It could be that you are probably looking at a model with a dial color you think will suit your style of outfits the best only till another with its own unique dial undoubtedly throws you off your decision.

Behind the scene

2017 onward, the cocktail bar concept was imbued with a new one, proving to be a stunning success around the world. Cocktail lovers, too, fell for them; watch connoisseurs alike. The creations of Hisashi Kishi (Head bartender, STAR BAR; Ginza, Tokyo), who also won the International Bar Association World Championship. The Seiko headquarters, too; are at the Ginza area; they mixed well.

The first part of our Seiko Presage Cocktail Time discussion revealed few of the many reasons behind why Seiko dominates the part of the market comprising affordable, value-driven timepieces. For the Presage Cocktail, it’s their gorgeous dials and overall well executed designs became the winning points. Whether you hold a fascination for fancy cocktail bars (Japanese or otherwise) or not, the dial colors will press you greatly to experience the inspirations behind them.

Three more examples

Note: All movements used in the Cocktail Time watches are fitted with a Spron 110 mainspring.

  1. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Manhattan Automatic: An incredibly reliable watch that’s layered with Seiko’s signature touches all over. Built with proprietary technology, the Cocktail Time Manhattan Automatic pushes every limit of a good dress watch. Its precision and performance is beyond question; Seiko’s mastery in traditional Japanese arts and aesthetics imparts a distinctive style that inherently creates one of the finest timepieces, rooted into Japanese cocktail culture. It echoes the light refraction through both the cocktail and the glass; the deep blue colour of the Old Clock cocktail is inspired by the same.
  2. Seiko Presage Automatic Cocktail Time Blue Moon: A unique, smoke-blue dial of the Blue Moon Open-Heart has a hole cut out into it that reveals the working movements; a sign of ‘life’ for your all-time companion! All its aesthetic features, along with the open-work of the balance wheel visible through the box-shaped crystal conjoin to create a surprisingly well-done, old-school look. It’s an ultra-collectible, if that means anything.
  • Seiko Presage Automatic Cocktail Time Stinger: The Stinger‘s inspirations come from the same Japanese cocktail culture as the rest; it’s the rich brandy colour and texture of the simple, classic brandy cocktail of the same name from Skybar (Ginza, Tokyo) that made way onto its dial. Its timeless looks; its precise, mechanical movement and well-executed minimalistic traits are all distinctively Japanese aesthetic. Seiko has lowered the bezel, slimming the watch frame further.

We’ve mentioned here some of the Seiko Presage Cocktail Time men’s and women’s watches and their variants. Click on the links to see and buy them. More with our next post!