Welcome to the gift-giving season, once more and many of you might be apprehending another wallet burnout. But smart is he who knows how to shorten appropriately a long list of items or to procure the list with a leaner budget. This is when you must consider picking up a new timepiece or two, for nothing shall put that smile on the face of a near or dear one like an expensive-looking inexpensive watch.

There are pretty interesting, yet very affordable options to pick from. Seiko, Citizen, Stuhrling Original – well, they might not belong to the high-upper echelons but are downright satisfactory to satiate decent watch cravings. You do that without breaking your bank. Even if it comes to the mid-higher ranges like Tissot and Hamilton, you can shell out the bucks without feeling too much of a pinch.

The beauty of these brands is you always get a bit more of everything for the price. Flair, complication, style…however, the trade-off is of course always with the movements and though these brands are admittedly a step below the finest of Swiss watches, they are stronger in their construction.  However, none are expected to stay as they are under the tractor trails of a tank, but given such wonderful watches as the G-Shock are, they might even stand that as well!

Of late, Stuhrling – among all the brands mentioned above – is currently kicking up some serious attention among the growing community of affordable watch collectors. The brand has some merit and apart from the Seiko 5, Stuhrling is one of the ultra-affordable brands offering mechanical timepieces that definitely need to be considered.

For example, the Anatol! It’s exquisite and automatic and made from stunningly matte-finished stainless steel. Its oomph is its skeletonised dial; something most watch-lovers prefer. Also, a marvellous genuine leather strap (alligator embossed) and a super secure stainless steel tang buckle. It doesn’t try to do too much at one go and that’s how it keeps off from creating a mess. In fact, it’s a much safer option than a skeleton chrono with a moon phase under $100. It’s an attractive and affordable package with minimal complication with a simple design; understated yet distinctive, due to its dual time function.

However, there’s no arguing that the mentioned brands have, at least, reached some amount of horological accomplishment, but them all manages to implement the ideas of watchmaking in a very clean and effective manner. But most impressively, they have captured most of the affordable casual/dress watch sector in today’s market with their subtle, unique touches and worthwhile engineering senses. Either of the two can’t manage alone and these brands know how to mix them well. That is an assurance of the receivers remembering you even after years.

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