I’m not the person who would give his front two teeth for digital watches; nevertheless, seeing the kind of advanced technology going into some of the Casio G-Shocks is bound to get you intrigued.

That’s to say, the Casio Master of G Rangeman GW9400. It’s meant for achieving heights, but not depending upon wings, engines and other technological protocols; rather, it’s when you do it with your arms and legs. Mountain climbers, soldiers and Emergency service providers, all can be well benefitted by the Rangeman and its triple-sensor technology.

So what all makes the G-Shock Rangeman a tool for professionals? There’s an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a thermometer and it can also locate a wearer’s current position. The rumor that was on earlier this year about the new G-Shock models proved to be true; it was on combining Mudman’s Compass function with Riseman’s altimeter, barometer and thermometer functions.

The Baselworld 2013 saw the Rangeman as only a mock-up model but came out full-fledged by the time Shock The World NYC 2013 rolled around in August. September 2013 was when these three models were released for the Japan domestic market. The basic black version (Casio G-Shock RANGEMAN Atomic GW-9400J-1JF ); however, made to Europe though the GW-9400J-3JF showed up only in the second week of October, but with differences, which is the normal resin strap replacing the original carbon-fiber. It definitely looks better with the big and thick Rangeman, bigger than even the 3rd-generation Mudman.

So, what would be my opinion on the Rangeman? If I’m going to climb walls and rocks or get someone out from icy cold water, I shall consider it the most complete G-Shock that Casio ever made. Its big buttons are made to be operated with the gloves on but then again, even the six buttons do not seem the crowd the watch. As for the basic functions, the MODE button controls it all.

It’s good that Casio finally decided to use a LED backlight instead of electro-luminescence and that too an automatic one; twisting the wrist is all you need to light it up.

Okay, so I could go on writing about its every feature but I’m not writing a manual. So let it suffice saying that the Rangeman are quite some feature-packed watches for the holidays at the beach, even if you are not a G-Shocker at heart. But the mutation is imminent.