Go back a few times to the official Casio website and you will end up believing Casio built the best stuff ever! There’s no arguing if you consider just its utilities and strengths. Don’t hope to wear it in a ballroom, although a graceful piece for upper crust night clubs and their dance floors. Only thing is, you can’t buy one entirely for that purpose; you need to give it some sun-time in the beginning to fill its power reserves. Henceforth, once a month and for an hour in the sun (not under direct sun) is more than sufficient.

The durability and functionalities meet elegance – in its truest sense – perhaps for the first time in any of Casio’s creations. Earlier, the stars came primarily for the tech parts but Casio is catching up! The EQW-1200DB-1A is an almost complete watch. In the sense, it doesn’t have a rotating bezel. Not that it’s greatly desired – far less in something as sharp as this atomic-time Casio Edifice multifunction. A 1/20th second 60-minutes chronograph (that’s where it starts), a compass (runs on sensors), lap times recording (10 of them), 6-band atomic radio-signal updates and an auto calendar (user friendly) – all merge together to create a motorist’s/bikers dream driving/riding watch. Its sibling is the F1-version, limited edition 1200RB. If you got itches for exotic materials and colors (this is a better night club watch than the other), go for it. It is a symbol of Casio catering to F1 needs – the type 3-times world champion Infiniti Red Bull Racing team follows.

Other bezel and band combinations it comes in are silver/silver; black/silver and black/black (metal and black resin).

The sensible dynamics of the EQS1200 series, compared to other extreme-tool-watches are a few years ahead. The analog drive system (Multi-Mission Drive) is controlled by sensor technology, making independent movement of the hands possible and activated by the pull of the crown, a different one at a different level. Casio says-

This proprietary CASIO system for analogue movements combines multiple motors with an electronic crown structure for joint operation of various functions. It responds to pilots’ requirements for both multi-functionality and operability.” [Read the full story here].

 The 6-band time-calibration sensors handle everything from local time syncing to telling times at distant places. Any man alike, I find it a lusty tech list – far lustier than what I may ignore.

As an avid motorcycle maniac I’ve seen some of my earlier purchases gone haywire, so my Seiko5 Sports apart, rest of my watches do not see much wrist time nowadays. It gets harder the days I’m out to the local pub; it’s where high-tech stuff rule. The 1200DB packs some cool gel within that sits the movement. This mix of silicone and other materials is currently the Alpha-Gel for the community obsessed with anti-shock/vibration-resistant materials, so I think I’ll change my jeans and cargo shirts to something more refined on Fridays and to business casuals on client meets. Its exquisite construction, coloring and overall charm make it a watch worth its price.


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  1. I love mine. I have a moderate collection of mostly mechanicals, but this high-tech Casio is getting a lot of wrist time.

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