Admit it or not, many of us watch lovers started with a Casio. During my teen years, Casio was synonymous to watch; it was much later bigger names like Seiko, Citizen and Orient appeared in the roster. Despite all that, Casio still stays the favourite brand when rough circumstances show up; Casio’s creativity is way different than the rest. Crafting watches for seriously rugged use is their specialty, but who says such extreme timepieces must go without the good looks? The MudMaster looks fantastic; is a beast and there’s nothing in this world that you can’t throw at it.

Just like other G-Shocks, the MudMaster is also shock resistant, but there’s some extra allude to its name. That said – its mud-resistant structure! When adrenalin pumps higher and you overlook the sludge, slime and sand on the way, the MudMaster makes sure it doesn’t stand as a hurdle to hold you back from the sheer pleasure of enjoying the harshest of environments. That makes the watch a great choice for rangers, adventurers and rescue crews; without this mud-resisting feature, the digital compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter don’t stand a chance. All of them together on your wrist is a big advantage when you are out in the wilds; Mud Master ensures you are never stripped off those privileges.

Among its useful features, the TRIPLE SENSOR technology controls its Compass (reads direction for full 60 seconds), Altimeter (takes readings every second @ 1-meter increments), Barometer (automatically measures air-pressure every 2 hours and presents in a graphical format; also notifies through alarm if there’s a rapid change in pressure) and Thermometer (measures ambient temperature from -10°C to 60°C). The Mud Master is also non-susceptible to vibrations and the secret here is Casio’s proprietary αGel around the inners of the watch case; it surrounds the movement inside and absorbs any impact. As for the watch’s band, the screws come with added washers that prevent loosening.

The incredible mud and moisture resistance comes from the gaskets fitted under the Slim, large-surface, checkered buttons that you can operate upon even with your gloves on; these are also specially designed to resist vibration as well as side impacts. The Mud Master comes with double LED-s to make viewing easy in complete darkness. The world time markers on the watch face facilitate quick change of time zones.

To add to its durability, the Mud Master comes with sapphire, which is superbly scratch resistant and clear; it helps to take visibility up by several notches.

Apart from all those marvels that made way into the G-Shock Mud Master, it’s the details that speak volumes on its quality and construction. They are the kind that makes you admire them all day round. For toughness and usability can’t be if you are a normal 5 to 9 job holder.

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