You certainly remember that I picked up voluntarily a certain chore; of telling you what makes us humans the true luxury seekers. The time has come; the sourness is gone – but when the wolf crouches, know it’s his hunting time and someone is gonna die a brutal death!

I won’t go answering the most obvious of questions – “What’s the point of buying a luxury watch?” I’ve answered that in short more number of times than I have picked my nose in my lifetime (that’s the cleanest example I can cite, for now) and I’m not going to answer you why I always hold the $300 Seiko Premier in higher regard than the Diesel. You are free to put things the other way round. Just don’t expect me to wear the equestrian-inspired Dress-Age in premium wool with the Master Chief like a certain number of people would like. I can’t think of anything other than the Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar here. That’s luxury! On the flip side, when I’m in my pair of Levi’s and off to the local pub for a weekend drink, I feel nothing to do better than the Diesel Master Chief. I do not need a chronograph here; I’m not into competitions to set a new record in alcohol consumption rates, neither do I have any idea of pitting two people aided with an arsenal of beer bottles. But some like it just for the sake (or, thrill; you decide) of wearing a three-dialled piece (yes, that’s true; it’s just three dials to them); which, to me, is not a very compelling reason behind going luxury. But there are, so let’s have a look.

Craftsmanship is my number one point. The levels of skills that give form do not come out from the blue; it takes many painstaking hours of precise grind to make them. It also includes the finish; everybody loves to own a piece of finery that’s well made and that too in significantly fewer numbers. The Hamilton Venturas are fine examples, or the Seiko Prospex Automatic LIMITED EDITION watches. However, it won’t be ethical if we don’t mention the Citizen Largo here (or this diamond-accented Citizen); these are well under the $300 mark but fit enough to go with the Brioni. These also fulfil somewhat the most essential criteria of the luxury watches, which is, they shouldn’t be produced in large numbers. These fulfil the criteria, are made of superior materials and thereby, parts; and houses their own watch movements. However, nothing compares to the Orient Nobel or the Arena that way, but you must allow me another session to cover that. All of them boast a long, illustrious reputation and some of the most breathtaking movements in the world but surprisingly, that doesn’t increase the overall cost of ownership.

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