Shooting for the moon and stars has a new meaning with Casio. Introducing the Casio Baby-G Moon And Star series, a collection that combines the legendary durability of Casio with the enchanting beauty of the night sky.

Founded in 1946, Casio has been a trailblazer in the world of electronic devices. Their watches are loved all over the world. The utility of their G-Shock line is unparalleled. When you say rugged, watch lovers hear G-Shock. These watches take a step away from being dress watches. They are meant to haggle all kinds of shocks that come their way with ease. The Baby-G line, born from the same rugged essence of the G-Shock series, offers the same unbeatable toughness but with a stylish twist crafted especially for women.

The Baby-G Moon And Star series is a fairy tale on your wrist. Its charming moon and star motifs transport you to a whimsical celestial realm. Perfect for the modern fairycore aesthetic, this collection is utterly wrapped up in mystique.

A Pastel Haven


Most watches come in dashing, eye-catching shades with elegant or rugged designs. But sometimes, a soothing pastel shade can be a game-changer. The Casio Baby-G Moon And Star watch collection has beautiful pastel shades that will change your look. The shades give off comfort vibes, perfect for that soft girl aesthetic.

The collection wows with a sophisticated pastel color palette of blues, pinks, and whites, reflecting the tranquility of the twilight hours. Pastel blue evokes the early night sky, pink mirrors the sunset’s warmth, and white adds a crisp simplicity, creating a versatile accessory that brightens any look with a touch of whimsy and elegance.

The soft pastel hues of the Baby-G Moon And Star also resonate with many current fashion trends. Other than that, the light, uplifting colors enhance mood and style. The main theme of the collection is the night sky. The pastel hues complement this moon and star celestial theme wonderfully.  

The Baby-G And Other Functions

Casio never settles for the bare minimum. The Baby-G Moon And Star supports this statement. Carrying on Casio’s legacy, the unique collection is made with state-of-the-art functions. Powered by reliable quartz movement, the series promises precise timekeeping with no need for additional upkeep.

The luminous hands ensure the watches remain legible in dim lighting, which are further complemented by clear index markers and a prominent number at the 12 o’clock position for effortless time reading.

The dial is supported by a pliant and lightweight resin case. The round shape and comfortable dimensions (41.50 mm in diameter and 10.10 mm thick) make them ideal companions for even the most strenuous activities. The bezel of the Baby-G moon star is fixed and does not allow movement.

The strap, crafted from the same durable resin as the case and featuring a secure buckle clasp, is designed to match the watch’s pastel color theme. The Casio Baby-G Moon And Star Series is just perfect for women who want durable, modern-looking watches.

Exploring Other Features

If you’re impressed with just the looks, hold tight because the series has so much more to offer. Besides the reliability of Casio’s Baby-G, the watches come with an array of useful features. 

All watches from the Casio Baby-G Moon And Star collection boast a water resistance of up to 100m, making them perfect companions for swimming and snorkeling adventures—though they’re not intended for diving. The watches also feature a 24-hour dial, which allows users to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour formats, catering to the wearer’s preferences and international travel needs. The display merges the classic beauty of an analog watch with the convenience of digital features, offering the best of both worlds.

Renowned for Casio’s robust build, the Baby-G Moon And Star models live up to the G-Shock reputation for durability with their shock-resistant build that safeguards the watch against impacts and vibrations. This makes it an ideal pick for those who lead an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the Neobrite coating on the hands and markers ensures time is easily readable in low-light conditions by glowing after light exposure. 

Adding to its convenience are the five daily alarms, allowing wearers to set multiple reminders throughout the day. A day and date display feature also keeps you informed at a glance. In sum, the Casio Baby-G Moon And Star collection features multiple functions for the modern woman while looking incredibly stylish.

Pairing It With Your Outfits


Mesmerized by the looks but can’t decide how to style them? That’s why we’re here. Needless to say, the Casio Baby-G Moon And Star can be paired with an array of outfits, owing to its versatility. The watches have a distinct facade that matches any aesthetic, be it bold, soft, elegant, or rugged, with the right style. No matter what you wear, the Baby-G Moon And Star will be the whole statement.

The fusion of enchanting celestial motifs perfectly aligns with the cosmic and astral fashion trends that are popular nowadays, offering a mystical and trendy appeal.

Styling Tips for Every Occasion:

There’s a statement for every occasion:

  • Casual Days: Elevate a simple jeans and T-shirt look with a Baby-G Moon And Star watch. Choose the BGA-290DS-7A Model in an ethereal white shade to add an eye-catching element to your casual outfit. Your wristwatch will become a focal point of interest and a conversation spark.
  • Work or School: For a more refined setting, select a watch with a color scheme that is vibrant yet classy. The BGA-290DS-2A is perfect in this regard. The soothing purple Baby-G can seamlessly complement business casuals or school uniforms, subtly weaving the celestial theme into your daily attire without overpowering your overall look.
  • Formal Affair: A Baby-G Moon Star watch can add a contemporary flair to your outfit, even at formal events. Wear it with sophisticated attire without heavy jewelry, letting the watch shine as a modern accessory amid a traditionally styled look.

Beyond Fashion – A Symbol of Mystique:


Beyond a fashion statement, the Casio Baby-G Moon And Star collection signifies a deeper meaning for those who look beyond the aesthetic. Accessories and jewelry with celestial motifs often embody many things. They can be looked upon as a connection to the vast universe.

The collection invites a deeper wonder and exploration of the unknown, transforming mere fashion pieces into symbols of individual curiosity. The Baby-G Moon And Star series resonates in the modern woman’s wardrobe as both a statement piece and an homage to the celestial.

Casio Baby-G Moon And Star Series Analog Digital Resin Strap Purple Dial Quartz BGA-290DS-2A 100M Women’s Watch

Casio Baby-G Moon And Star Series Analog Digital Resin Strap Pink Dial Quartz BGA-290DS-4A 100M Women’s Watch