High-end luxury watches currently rule the priority list of reasonably affluent Millennials. Firstly, they are luxury items that announce a fair bit about you and you can get them at a relatively lesser price; secondly, they are not high-maintenance as some of the other technology–driven, status-enhancing products people swear by. They must not necessarily be traditional unlike before; there are quite a few many quartz analog and digital watches that have made their place in the luxury domain. This; however, doesn’t count the smart watches. For when it’s about luxury, simplicity and personalization come to the forefront.

It’s not to say that luxury should always be minimalistic; else chronographs wouldn’t be there. Neither sun/moon-phases; nor open-hearts! Traditional luxury and vintage inspirations must not stand against design advancements and functionality. So, luxury analog watches made a comeback. Among them, minimalistic watches hold ground on their own. Sad part is – Longstanding watch makers seldom come out with a piece within a shoestring budget. It’s a gap that Kolber bridged; with a low price tag and an uncompromised quality.

Kolber is comparatively a newer player in the domain with some high-end, inexpensive watches in their roster. They are a sister concern of Raymond Weil. Their models comprise both quartz and automatic movements.  They have fine-tuned the old-school-luxury meets modern-tastes concepts into luxe forms under the names Les Classiques, Les Stars and Les Sportives. They make some very impressive women’s watches too; here’s one from the Les Classiques range. You’ll find some very plain ones too. Their vintage-inspired creations are – if not awesome – remarkable.

Kolber watches are relevant for today. They are aware of the generational shift towards modern luxury and the way prestigious, analog watches are leveraging the appeal of a new and savvy generation that are proud to be recognized as consumers of modern, affordable luxury. Most are young professionals, so they got a bit of money to put behind a smart appearance but not massive. They brought out some pretty good watches that you don’t spend too much upon and let you channel the excess money toward something more useful –say, a bright future!

A few plus points of the Kolber watches are they cost under $500 and offer the highest quality possible at the price point; a sturdy built appropriate for professional settings and are long lasting. Kolber is a part of the reinvention of the Swiss watch industry after the quartz crisis wiped it out almost to nothingness. Kolber, since then, stayed at the forefront of change and technical innovation. Over the last three decades, the brand’s original principles of Swiss craftsmanship and affordability have changed only for better. For a Swiss Made, quality watch; Kolber ensures a superior quality and striking beauty not at stratospheric price points.

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