The Kinetic movement was very successful for Seiko. Via the push of a button you could see how much of a charge remained in the battery. This relieved the owner of ever having to replace the watch battery, and gave them the accuracy of a quartz movement. Unlike the conventional quartz watch powered by the button-type battery, the Kinetic is an analog quartz watch equipped with an Automatic Generating System, the unique technology developed by Seiko, which generates electrical energy to power the watch by utilizing the movement of the arm or wrist, and stores it in the Kinetic Electricity Storage Unit. The watch is equipped with a direct drive indicator that constantly displays how long the watch will keep operating. The direct drive indicator also dynamically displays the electric power generation status while charging the watch. This Kinetic direct drive Seiko watch is the ultimate technology of trust. Seiko Kinetic Velatura SRH011P1 which is one of Seiko’s flagship models that incorporates their Direct Drive power technology. This is a beautiful watch.

Seiko direct drive watch has two indicator function- Real-time Power Indicator function and Power reserve indicator function. Power reserve indicator function keep the watch checks power reserved in the kinetic energy storage unite and displays how long the watch will keep operating in 18 steps. Whereas Real-time Power Indicator function the more power you generate, the more the hand moves. This is praise worthy diver’s watch which will add up your diving capabilities through perfect timing with 100 meters diving capacity. It is an analog watch with hour, minute and red sweeping second hands but there are also special hands on dial that displays as direct drive indicator hand for indicating amount of power reserved and day hand for retrograde day indicator. Dial is circular black with circular bezel coated by Titanium Carbon Nitride coating.  Band is genuine brown leather strap with secure steel buckle clasp. Gear style bigger crown is secured by extended case part for accidental movement. A date window is located at 6 hour.

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Some Important Features:

Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive SRH011P1 SRH011P SRH011
Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive SRH011P1 SRH011P SRH011

Precise Kinetic movement with revolutionary Direct Drive technology – power generation by winding the crown or by the motion of your wrist while you wear the watch
Direct Drive power reserve indicator
Duration of full charge: approximately 1 month
Caliber: 5D44
Retrograde day indicator
Date window at 6 o’clock
Stainless steel screw down case back
Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) coated Bezel
Water resistant to 100m
Dial: Two-tone rose gold black patterned with Lumibrite hands and markers
Bracelet: Genuine Calf leather
Crystal: Scratch resistant anti-reflective Sapphire crystal

This watch is available for US $650.00 with us
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