This Citizen Promaster Titanium Aqualand watch is a combination divers watch equipped with a built-in water depth gauge. This watch is equipped with a water sensor that automatically switches the watch to the diving mode when water is detected. This watch is also a solar-powered watch provided with a photoelectric power generation (Eco-Drive) function. This watch is provided with various convenient functions for diving. This watch contains a solar cell in its face that drives the watch by converting light energy into electrical energy. This watch also has Charge Level Indicator Function and Insufficient Charge Warning Function. This watch also has Travel Time Function. This function lets you easily display the local time when traveling overseas or traveling on business. This watch is equipped with three alarm modes. An EL light function is provided to make it easier to see the display in dark locations. The charge level indicator (reference value) lets you confirm the extent to which the secondary battery is charged with the function hand.

This Citizen Aqualand Promaster JV0055-00E is a strong Stainless Steel Watch.  It’s black dial is also wonderful. This watch shows world time of 42 cities and 29 time zones. This watch also display the water temperature when you are diving. This watch displays the time in 12 and 24 hour format. The depth meter of this watch can measure depths down to 100m and can save up to 20 diving logs. This watch has an excellent illuminated display. The case of this watch is light weight titanium. The water resistant of this watch is 200 meter. Once fully charged, the watch will continue to run for about six months. This is a Professional Divers Watch which has Depth measurement accuracy: 0 m to 100 m.

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Some Important Features:

Citizen Diver Titanium Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0055-00E
Citizen Diver Titanium Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0055-00E

New technology depth meter.
Eco-Drive – powered by light. Never change a battery .
A diver’s watch using a 4 motor, 4 hand independent movement and equipped with a depth meter.
The depth meter can measure depths down to 100m and can save up to 20 diving logs.
Equipped with 3 types of warning functions, using sound, LEDs and character display.
Travel World time (42 cities, 29 time zones)
Water resistant to 200m
Accuracy: 15 seconds/month
Operating time from full charge:Approx. 6 months (in power save mode: approx. 3 years)
Light weight Titanium case

This watch is available for US $420.00 with us
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