Why Wear a Watch?

It’s a good question; why would anyone wear a watch when there are so many ready to hand ways of finding out the time? Every mobile phone has a clock on it, there are public clocks all over the place, and every public building will be home to at least one clock. The watch is redundant, surely? Of course not, for there is more to a watch than it being a mere timepiece! A watch is a precision instrument, something to be treasured and admired, and something that offers much more than the sum of its parts.

Seiko Velatura Alarm SNAE76P1 Mens Watch
Seiko Velatura Alarm SNAE76P1 Mens Watch

Take a Mens Watch such as the Seiko Velatura Alarm SNAE76P1; coming from one of the world’s most revered watch-makers you expect something special, but the crowning glory of this beautifully conceived men’s watch is that it features several excellent additions. An alarm is a nice touch, and the precision stop-watch is something that will please the sporting men amongst us, while the beautiful rose gold plated case is a joy to behold. This watch offers so much that it is a very popular, and eminently stylish model, and at just $365 is a bargain among rivals.

The same range brings us a touch of pure class for the ladies; the Seiko Velatura Ladies Diamond SNDZ37P1 is a beautiful watch, a superbly designed model that offers sleek and stylish looks as well as functionality, and one that is as good as it gets when it comes to chic fashion. This is an item of jewellery as much as it is a watch, and in combining the two with a traditional style case – in stainless steel with no fewer than 53 diamonds as adornment – you get the perfect watch for the woman in your life. It’s a great gift at just $699, a snip for such a quality watch.

Wearing a watch is not just about telling the time, it’s about making a statement, and both the Seiko watches mentioned here are as stylish and effective as they come. Fashion may be a matter of choice, but in men’s watches and watches for women there is so much choice that everybody is bound to be satisfied by what they find. Why not have a closer look at the many different types of watch available and get an idea of what is hot right now? There are some serious bargains to be had!

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