We feel nice amidst beautiful things. We feel even better when they don’t cost as much. From that Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen to the Tissot T-Classic Everytime Medium – everything comes under this. Exclusive perfumes, with heavy, floral notes or a deep musk scent – your choices get very natural; which is, you go by your instincts. No social boundaries matter here; no predetermining which sex it’s intended for. The male/female binary choice disappears into a haze.

You must be thinking why all of a sudden Gonzo has started noticing women’s preferences. It’s bound to ruffle some feathers and attract some very strong opinions.

Nothing as such; just that a search for a suitable something to write with revealed a few related items that showed up on the same page. You can’t deny them (as examples, I’ve mentioned a couple right at the beginning) on the context of being stylish and they also don’t break the bank. At that kind of a price, you can snag more than just one! They are something that are going to last.

Many among you must be already thinking if Gonzo is trying to tell his male readers that it is absolutely fantastic to sport women’s items. Save your goosebumps; things are not as drastic. Only this much: Gonzo wants to explore the overlapping domains that fade out the differentiating bar. There are many items in fact that are not gender-specific in their use. Some men’s products are more popular among women but reverse the situation and you get a completely different reaction, chiefly from men; despite the fact that they can be worn without hurting the male self-esteem and are going to look good. Some of the women’s Submariner-types have long been used by men whose preferences for even mid-sized watches don’t run very high and by women who like their stuff to lean slightly on the larger side. Compare any with a men’s-type; the difference ain’t much. Not all women’s Pro-Diver are miniscule. Another good example in this context would be the Orient SoMa Automatic.

These clever manufacturers completely bypassed the set norms in matters of size, dimensions and materials, leaving it for the users to decide. There was no gender-bias put upon them. They were not assigned to any specific men’s or women’s collection. The size and number of diamonds do not set their limits or bind them within some social rule. It appears a rather pink area amidst the grey zone comprising various other shades, the collective intensity making it appear grey. These vary between 34mm and over 45mm; mostly dress watches and accepted as elegant choices for men and women alike. They are not comically tiny (which means – nearly unreadable) like some of the fashion watches today.

Send cultural perspective for a toss for once. It’s time to kick-up some FUN!


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