On one hand, there are those crazy complicated watches only millionaires might afford but on the other, we got stuff to keep normal people happy. These we can expect to adorn our respective wrists quite easily, not dreaming in front of one for much long. One of them is the Oris Aquis Date (and the Big Day Date) – a no farce, cool and affordable tool watch.

Once your daydream about the most complicated of wrist-wears wears off, your vision turns towards something more sensible the industry is able to offer; something that’s solid and gives you back a lot for the money. Both the Oris Aquis Date and the Oris Aquis Big Day Date are very nice examples in this regard. They are entirely laid-back in calm atmospheres whilst all prepared to be in the midst of chaos at the very next moment. They are impressive in their looks and – just as important – interesting and attractively priced watches.

The Oris Aquis makes a great example for a watch that meets everybody’s needs. Anyone looking to buy that one good watch with an automatic movement, great water resistance, a playful bezel and a large choice in straps or bracelets, the only problem you might face is with which version to go for.  Otherwise, there’s nothing to dislike about the Aquis.

Both the types are bit more than just being good looking diver’s watches. They offer a high performance throughout; are appealing even when you are not in a wet-suit or a swimming trunk and are a great relief to anyone who find reading things nearer a difficult job. That makes sense; for chances are that you won’t wear your glasses when in the water.

The Aquis line (both Date and Big Day Date) are more streamlined than any other diver watch in this price range, offering excellent dependability off, above and under the sea. They feel nice and comfortable also under your shirt cuff on a normal day in or around the city.

Very subtle differences make the Aquis different from the rest of the diver watches and one of them is an enhanced grip around the bezel. Between the case and the bezel, there is a gap; carefully engineered for a firmer and easier grip under wet conditions. The movement has been fine tuned to closely match the precision of the Omega Seamaster 3 or even, a Rolex Submariner and carries the same depth rating and a very, very solid construction. You feel it from the weight and the robustness of the bracelets. Together with the case, its finish delivers very qualitative feel considering the price. It’s one watch that will stay ready to dive for ages.

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