Few years back at Baselworld in 2007, SEIKO’s exclusive marine collection, the Velatura-s was opened to consumers. They earned great acclaims over the years but it’s only a couple of years they made to the sailing and marine community.

Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive SRH006P1 SRH006P SRH006
Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive SRH006P1 SRH006P SRH006

There came some very interesting and distinctive designs with high functionality that wedged through since 2007; these are the Yachting Timer, the Kinetic Direct Drive and two other new introductions (Diver Chronograph/caliber 7T92 and the Big Calendar Chronograph/caliber 7T04; made for marine sports) that followed the next year. And the more affluent Seiko maniac, it’s even the limited editions. Those 2,000 pieces in Caliber 8R28 are additional to the core 12 designs in 2008 Velatura-s spread over 5 different calibers.

Its plus point is a column wheel and vertical-clutch system arrangement to ensure maximum precision in operations and stick to accuracy. It reserves power for more than 45 hours, even with the frequent usage of chrono-functions. Moving three chronograph hands – in perfect unison, to reset – at a time no doubt looks good but guzzles power. Velatura-s solve that with a thin, single-piece, three-point hammer.

On the outside, it is strong materials, which also optimize the inside’s performance. Stainless steel, carbon and urethane are known for their inertness, so there’s plenty of it and also plenty technical perfection to watch through the sapphire-case backs.

The Velaturas comply with both the International 49-er and the 29-er XX class boats and is very near to an Olympic recognition. Some of those complying features are 1/5 second stopwatch function, urethane band, carbon fiber dial and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. The Velatura Diver Chronograph needs a mention on these parts, its caliber 7T92 and 200-meters water resistance makes it suitable for all day in waters. Moreover, the urethane paneled steel bracelet makes it fit for the weekly eating out too.

So as the Velatura legacy continues and recognition of Velatura Yachting Timers by the 49er Class Association becomes a past achievement, there will still remain many other leading sailors worldwide to provide necessary inputs to shape Velatura’s future generations that are often showing bold moves against their Swiss counterparts. They are becoming better and more masculine than you need in the boardroom (unless it’s in your yacht) but that they fit and work just about anywhere else will keep the beat up for a many more decades to come.