The Seiko SNKK all throughout, has been an oft-overlooked Seiko 5. It’s quite tough grasping the legacy unless you know the Seiko 5 history. The completely clueless can read it from official Seiko 5 website later on; for now, you are in a discussion about a performance, reliability and lasting of a better standard than you get at this price range.


The beauty of the Seiko 5 is it adorns the wrists of enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. Most of these casual owners are ignorant about what’s beyond the case back and most of them don’t get to know that ever in their life. For as long as something runs; we don’t bother to check. Neither maintain.

The Seiko 5 – especially the JDM Seiko – will take been thrown under the wheels. It will outrun any other watch in its category also by its lifespan, making it a kind of an industry leader among the daily-rough-use, inexpensive, mechanical automatic watches. Put the SNKK on when it’s rigorous, manual labour ahead and it shall stay faithful on the face of physical shocks.

Its accuracy is definitely not chronometer-accurate; but unless you are in an ambush or a raid, you can bear with 10 to 20 seconds of delay or gain a day(max).SNKK17J1

The aesthetics and design of the Seiko 5 is not the top of the class. It has just been rounded off well to an incredibly versatile form with the basic attributes the Seiko 5 (auto-wind, single-window day/date, WR, recessed crown and overall durability) intact. The construction material and quality make it tough as a nail!

The Seiko 5 SNKK series experiments with colours and their combinations. Confidence, endurance and comfort – all rolled into one! A good example of a tool watch, a go-to or a default watch – it wraps around your dressing style unlike many that need specific ways of dressing.


On aesthetic grounds, the Seiko 5 SNKK wins due to factors like its timeless looks and versatility while functionality and affordability defines its market presence. A piece made notable by the modern, horological history, the SNK runs on the caliber 7S26, 21 jewels movement; an economical, tough and extremely reliable alternative to high-priced quartz going into a field watch. Plus, this one doesn’t need to depend on expire-prone batteries.

The Seiko SNKK is ideally the first automatic one should buy. The Seiko 5 SNKK qualifies for that and it will dishearten you not. Some of them are made in Malaysia but it’s the equal amount of care and precision that goes into their making. The result is a solid, reliable brand of timepieces that bears not just the name of its manufacturer but also its goodwill.

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