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Gonzo recently lead us in the direction of a thorough research about some of life’s horological staples. But given – “as laid back as we all are” – as he claims, in matters of horological learning and investigations (“We are, O Gonzo; you needn’t graduate medical science or medicine to marry or whatever….),we could gather for only a part of Gonzo’s highly inquisitive questions and let him do the rest. For the wealth of watch-talks he has amused (or humored, you decide) us with so far, this reward we bestowed upon him with much honor and toasts.  


Your quest for building a watch collection others shall envy is likely to contain many different movements and complications; functions, features, case shapes and materials. The ‘fifth element’ is the dials! This is what hooks you mostly, by its charm! This is what a casual watch wearer will fall for most of the times. But watches are beautiful in many subtle ways.

That brings to mind the Trussardi. It’s not a very common name, unless in closed circles. It’s your other watch that really rounds up well over certain occasions and weekends.

Trussardi are interesting. It’s a ‘handwear-to-wristwear’ story. Pretty old-fashioned; if seen from the very recent perspectives Not that I’m particularly claiming to be an expert – just a modern wristwatch enthusiast – but there’s an undeniable charm to all the Trussardis!

Not every Trussardi is pretty and lovely! Some are austere and are bit more reflective of a particular watch designing era. A broad collection of design standpoints brings a quite delightful array for the thoughtful. The T-Evolution, for an example! It has been given an Epson Y121E1 caliber Japanese quartz movement. Other quartz calibers used are also mostly Japanese, such as the MIYOTA 1L45 or again Epson-s, the Cal.VX9JE and Y121E3. You are free to surprise yourself with these quite-an-antithesis watches in many respects. There are other significant movements also used by Trussardi; some of them are mechanical automatics. Well, some are bit younger in the list of stalwarts, but they are indispensable powerhouses emerging out of the mid-tier watch industry. It was partly a necessity toward price controls.

Among the elegant, the ‘slightly fussy will like’ pieces, the power-reserve indication feature is fascinating! Gents of diverse tastes and tales, I think you might find Trussardi a surprising and enduringly interesting watch line to go for your next purchase. Don’t over-think. Pick a style to keep your choice clean from being cluttered.

Rather than pursuing perfection, Trussardi self-expresses. And they do that very well; staying equally beautiful and legible and utilitarian. They offer a much different and stronger aesthetic stimulation through their quality offerings. Very much acceptable in terms of features, layouts and intrigue!

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