The Baseline: G-Shock is not always about loud colours and lewd sizes; now it’s also about simple stainless steel cases and bracelets. There’s some protective black urethane surrounding the case sides and lugs, but it is steel that rules for the most of it.

There are times even the most ardent, professional-standard Casio G Shock users crave for steel. Steel does wonders. Surgical tool, fine knives and timepieces got this one thing common. Agreed there are wonders in polymer-coated steel, but naked steel is a whole new show altogether. This is also why I’m for the Smith & Wesson Model 3 on a day of sightseeing rather than a Salient Arms International 1911 .45. The latter is for the dire times when you are fighting your way out, not sailing through it.

Similarly, it happens with the Casio G-Shocks. Not saying that the G-Shock steel is for the days of sightseeing but its beauty shall hold you from using it under harsh conditions. But the G-Steel solves the long-standing conundrum on whether to go for a G-Shock or not.

On one hand, there’s its legendary durability and reliability to bank upon; on the other, its size and material fit for the outdoor professional and the armed forces. In civilian life, there are not too many places where the G-Shock can fit in comfortably and can be used to their full potential. The G-Steel; however, looks more adult than its polymer brethren and can even sneak in with business suits and its functions can come to a lot of use of the busy executive.

There are four parts that make the G-Steel:

  • An analog time display.
  • A large number of functions.
  • An all-steel construction.
  • A truly, truly affordable price.

There’s no reason to think that a digital watch in thick, hard plastic is more durable. The steel here offers that premium aspect as good with the younger, more affordable G-Steel. True, this one doesn’t have titanium to go with, neither a GPS Hybrid WaveCeptor time setting technology but it is Solar and offers shock and water resistance as good as the rest in the creed. It has LED lights both on the face and back, calculates time for 31 zones including DST, offers 5 daily alarms and the hand-shift feature. It means, if the hands bar your view to the screens, you can move them out for some time. They return where they were after a few seconds.

The stopwatch and the countdown function comes useful both in office and in the kitchen and an auto-calendar (pre-programmed till 2099) doesn’t give you the scope to forget important dates. It’s a watch that can handle pretty much anything. Even dinners.

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