Casio: The face of contra-luxury (Part II)

Next, we come to the Edifice. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most stylish ranges of watches – and smart-watches – on the planet. However, if you are an Ignoramus on this context, I suggest it’s high time that you start learning about them.

In this time of technical marvels, we can’t expect a company like Casio to lag behind most other brands selling dumb- watches labeled as smart. The Casio Edifice Bluetooth Smart watches thus appear as one of the best smart-watches in the market today; stylish and oozing with quality all throughout! Packed full of features, this one watch alone lets you know what else you can expect from a brand with a brilliant record for purpose-driven timepieces.

Doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android (for the latter, the choice is somewhat limited, though), the Casio Watch+ app is going to make things a breeze for you. Which means, you control your Casio Edifice Bluetooth Smart watch through your smartphone; from setting the time to enable automatic updates; any part of the world. Some of these Casio timepieces are equipped with the watch finder feature, built for the crowd troubled with short-term memory lapse. However, leaving this lot out, the Casio Edifice range still has a lot to offer! From plain faced analogs to classic-looking chronographs; plain battery-driven to GPS-enabled Solar-powered movements; stealth to silver/gold and other colorful varieties; with auto-calendars to split-second time-measuring mechanisms – the Casio Edifices, as a whole, signify everything that modern watch-wearing is all about!

There are entry-levels all right, but in very limited numbers; like this one.  A step above and there is the  Multi-Color Dial  Casio Edifice. It also comes in blue! From here, you graduate to the  Analog Three Dial simple chronographs and then enter the wide world of the complex chronographs. One of the stalwarts in this family is the  Tough Solar Filght Mode Bluetooth Edifice w/Tachymeter, but that’s not the only one! Even those in the battery-driven quartz configuration are pretty mind-boggling; without Solar power, they come cheaper. Lefties may try this design; it’s pretty rare or uncommon. Gadget-freaks, however; are suggested to hover in the Casio Edifice Smartphone Link domain more than in any other. Three exiting shades; three exiting designs and different additional functions and features besides the standard ones. That certainly makes them an awesome lot!

Next time we meet here, we will take a look at the Casio Pro-Trek, built for the toughest conditions. If you are into serious outdoors and you need a watch capable of being used anywhere, everywhere (and maybe even beyond…err, that’s personal), the Pro-Trek range is never going to make you regret! They are durable and stand the tests of time.








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