The most obvious pro-pink logic I can give you right now is: Not just men wear black.The way we lech towards the LBD-draped curves says that we don’t dislike it either; so logically, there should be no problem wearing the woman’s favorite color once in a while (and maybe, a couple of times more; if need be). I’m sure the ladies are not going to mind at all!

Carrying a pink watch is no big deal unless there is a pink shirt to go with it. That looks crap unless you are in some theme event. But sleeveless pink T-s with a printed message? That’s hot, with faded jeans and heavy, ankled boots. But you need to be bit on the larger side to look good in that. Small and skinny men, please buy a pink watch only if your work demands it and not for fashion. Must you wear for fashion, wear it either with pink jeans or pink shoes; don’t wear a pink belt unless you are wearing the pink jeans. But why am I telling you all these? If you’re reading on pink watches, then you must have had done your homework and you are kind of convinced that men can wear pink.

The other question that arises is about the conflict of pink with the whole idea of masculinity. I have no answer for that. But it does trigger a question: What’s masculinity afraid of? Anyway, it’s the pink Casio Protrek watch that got me curious. Pink is no stranger to me, I own a pink (a little darker shade) shirt which I wear very selectively. But those are not the places I’ll go with this Casio Protrek on my wrist.

This pink is an evening pink. Wear only after sundown in the city and obviously anytime, when you are hitting the outdoors. The pink should not go out-of-place. A similar controversy exists on white, chunky watches; if a man can get away with it under bright strobes, flashers and mirrorballs, why not wearing a pink watch? You need to pull it off well and that’s what we just spoke about.

I’m fully aware that even after all those probing thoughts and analysis most of you will shun pink for blue if given a choice, but that’s normal. The color pink is not for every man to carry. But well, if my budgets permit, I’ll get it to meet the occasional demands of wearing the same-colored shades – and recently, watches –  from the woman I know for the last few years. She meets mine all the time; I see no harm if pink calms her down. That’s her favorite color, too. But this shade of pink? I still need to ask. Or, it doesn’t matter.

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