A short recap G-SHOCK is long known for their toughness. They possess durability which has been setting the standards for timekeeping devices meant for the wild. The new GM-6900 series (see one here) – with GM-5600B technical influences abound – holds to the tradition. These models commemorate the 25th anniversary of the DW-6900, released in 1995.  About the hardware Stainless steel metal covers protecting the actual bezels decorate these new models, fitting right in the high-elegance, luxury fashion segments as much as into modern street fashions. The metal covering on a composite, shock resistant material adds to the strength of the entire unit, with minute, protruding structures that minimize the surface contact with the metal cover. The design philosophy reflects the hollow case structure theory of how to protect a module using point contacts to cushion blows from the outside. The composite, resin…whatever you might call it got reinforced with fiber glass. This is for increased strength against shock-induced breakage and bending. The module is extremely safe from accidental, external shocks; outstanding, in short. The resin is forged, cut and finished in ways that give each model its own distinctive finish. The forged and molded bezel covers have undergone 20 forging steps to be there; cutting and polishing excluded. Its precision fit into the inner case is astonishing. The exterior surfaces are polished to a beautiful mirror and hairline finish. The new metal cover adds weight to the watch but you get used to it fast. It’s also super shiny and occasional rubs and wipes will keep it like that. Transiting to technical The front button of a 6900 is iconic. It’s no more just merely functional; it has a metallic makeover now. It retains its role in controlling the backlight, only far more precise in its design, balanced by a well-shaped button-guard, turning it easier to press. Every model comes equipped with Triple Graph dials, coordinating exquisitely with both the face plate and the LCD. The mirror-finish on the plate – visually – kind of gels with the metal exteriors! A complete design harmony is visible. The LCD is negative-type. This is different than most stylish watches with cool digital displays. The electroluminescent backlight lets you see it in the dark. How you would get the max out of a negative display is wonderfully described here. Read up if you have to. Coming to the point Those used to dress watches more or something subtler and traditional shall take a while to get used to a G900 model. It raises pretty high off the wrist; that aside, they wear quite wonderfully. They are able to withstand any activity from hauling loads to baseball or basketball; especially in deep waters. Very solid-feeling!

We’ve covered here the 25th anniversary release models of the DW 6900. Click on the links to see and buy them.

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