Retro Look Watches – Cool and Trendy Style!

There is something of a retro revival going on at the moment; look at both men’s and women’s fashion for the coming seasons and you will see an influence from many different eras. The 1970’s have gone from being naff to ultra-cool, and the 80’s are having something of a heyday, too! It’s not just clothing that has taken the retro look to heart; have a look at some of the brilliant watches available and you will see that there are many with an older, fun and frivolous look that is both funky and functional.

 Casio Protrek Solar Power PRG-250-1 Mens Watch
Casio Protrek Solar Power PRG-250-1 Mens Watch

Watch design has gone through many phases, and sometimes there has been a drive to change the way we look at our timepieces. In the 1970’s and into the 80’s the digital watch was all the rage; these often-stylish and clever devices did away with the traditional analogue watch face, replacing it with plain, simple numbers in either LCD or LED models. These were the watches of the future – or so we were told. The fact that the older, more traditional style of watch refused to die, and is now once again the predominant style, says a lot about its enduring appeal, but the digital display has a place in many a retro look watch today.

This model, the Casio Protrek Solar Power PRG-250-1 Men’s Watch, is a classic of its kind, a watch that takes the digital capability and combines it with a funky, rugged style. The Protrek range is one of Casio’s most impressive, and these watches offer excellent function and style combined. This one is a full digital model, but some combine both digital and analogue features for added effect. Casio was, after all, one of the original pioneers of the digital watch, and it shows in the expert design incorporated here.

For ladies the Casio Baby-G range is one of the most popular on the market, and with a wealth of digital models to choose from offers excellent versatility and a great deal of style. There is something futuristic as well as retro about these brilliant designs, and the combination of modern materials with stylish colours and outrageous looks makes for a brilliant choice. Whether you want a watch for a man or a woman, for fun or for function, the digital retro look is certainly worth considering, and you never know, you might spearhead a revival!