Casio G-SHOCKs, as we know them, are technologically advanced timepieces, some of them with an added prefix that reads H-I-G-H-L-Y. A fine example of that is the G’Mix, but that’s not what we are talking about right now. We are up to discussing a little, wonderful component that gave the newer lot of G-Shocks a whole new dimension (both physically and metaphorically). It’s the rotary switch; while with the G’Mix it enhances music-listening experience by several degrees (pair with your smart-phone, or set audio-controls and equalisers and effects). However, before we shift to what we started for, it would be demeaning the G’Mix if I don’t mention here that it’s capable of identifying any song it ‘hears’ and display its name. The SoundHound technology backs it up through the G’MIX App installed in your smart-phone.

The rotary switch, to be true, is a navigational tool. It allows users to scroll through the available modes/options with just a flick. It just turned the integral relationship between the watch and its wearer sweeter! The end result is a suite of fashionable watches with the right amount of technology for the casual wearer. Highly functional timepieces are no doubt cool but also a very big reason why the average users avoid them; with the introduction of the rotary switch, they have been given an easy option to stay at par with the times yet not lose their way in the technological labyrinth.

The five models of the GA-400 series feature this rotary switch, albeit not for the musical functions. These are targeted chiefly for today’s youth, but hey, all that you need to sport them is just being young at your heart! That should be your personal style; else, chances are bleak that you’ll be able to carry them.

So, what are the common traits of the GA 400 series? LCD indicators, big cases, multi-dimensional looks and Japanese POP culture influenced colour schemes.

Note: For those who don’t know, Japanese POP culture involves distinct designs from both Japanimation and street fashion.

Now, to the big ROTARY SWITCH! Placed at the 3 o’clock position, it gives the overall design a fresh, new look; however, apart from the visual impact, it makes intuitive operations (of various functions) a breeze! Mode settings become a cakewalk; you can shift between the Countdown Timer and World Time just with one twist! Turn it further and there you have the Timer function, without switching the time-display mode! Imagine how useful it is when you are in engaged in activities (sports training or even dance practices, aerobics). In short, the ROTARY SWITCH relieves a user from the trouble of pressing multiple buttons to access the desired function. Welcome to the Age of Low-Cost Intelligence!

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