Unlearn the unnecessary in the world of mid-tier and mid-entry-level luxury watches. Let the Watch Gonzo guide your course through the roundabouts and swirly labyrinths and rid-off all your horological ignorance. How well your prenominal viewpoints face the blow is beside the context, but it will definitely remove the crusty covers barring your illumination. 

WG comments: That’s one curt call I ever got.  

Q. Hey, WG – how well do you guide me on choosing sizes online? I’m kinda on the big-tech sides of the men’s toys and would love to add a high-tech baby to my wardrobe. I don’t like digital watches and any other band material than steel or titanium or any other good metal. But please, I’m not looking at gold this time.

 – All right, you mean business so here it is. You don’t have a brand preference so you don’t need to be taken out of any bias and you got a preference on the type. That widens the scopes and turns my job easier.

All watches don’t look good in all sizes – keep that in mind; more so while buying online. Most pics don’t carry a scale to depict its right size, so you need some tips on the watch case.

The case width determines how big a watch will look. For men, it’s 37 to 39mm (regular and midsize) where it starts. A Men’s sport watch will be between 40 and 42mm (large; sometimes even 44mm) while men’s XL starts from 45mm. Match it to your shirt’s size. For an easy reference, place an US Half-dollar on your wrist to compare. It’s 30.61mm (diameter) and 2.15 mm (thickness).

Lest you find conversions too tiring, here’s a quick note: Millimeters to inches conversion is done this way: (so many) mm X .03937. It goes the same as finding out the bore of a gun.

As for your big man’s toys, you may try some dyes on steel. There’s Seiko Astron, Casio Sky Cockpit and Gravity Defier and the Citizen radio-atomic; if you want to go Swiss, you might want to give Tissot a thought.