• November 17, 2014
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The Seiko GMT Kinetic Tuna Air Diver (that’s the full name) comes in three versions: The SUN019  (steel bracelet), the SUN021 and the SUN023, both with rubber straps. The SUN021 is black PVD-coated steel (case and bezel) and are nick named the Tuna is probably for the lookalike shroud shape.

I’m surprised to see a few many today’s young watch enthusiasts (by young, I point to the lot between 25 and 30) taking the Kinetic as an example of an automatic movement. The moment you somewhat reveal some hots for auto-s, you will come across one question: “You know Kinetic-s?” This proves one thing: Kinetic is better known concept than mechanical and automatics.

Seiko’s number of variants of the Kinetic are also quite a few: There’s the Auto Relay, the Kinetic Direct Drive and the Spring Drive, embodied in more cases than you can hold in your memory. But here we will focus on the Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT diver watches; the Kinetic movement housed in cases that meet Professional Specifications.

It’s easily understood who its meant for – The Divers, pilots and boatmen, but the Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT has conquered the entire world of watch enthusiasts; not just those three types mentioned above. These combinations of mechanical and quartz technology sport a double case, the way Prospex was built in the ‘70s. The uni-directional bezel is embedded into the 47.5 mm stainless steel case, so you better be strong by heart! In any other watches this would be an unwanted exaggeration but for diving watch? The bigger, the better and I do not support dinner plates! Period.

The Seiko Kinetic  Prospex GMT, surprisingly, doesn’t seem out of proportions when you are wearing it on the land. There is some very interesting secret to the case for it being so, both in inner and outer case constructions. The solid lugs (of 24mm width) are attached to the shroud and got no rough or pointy edge.

Seiko also made the watch water resistant to 200m and that’s guaranteed! This is perhaps why they threw in a sapphire crystal and not a Hardlex; the rigors under the water are more than that on the land!

The caliber 5M85 with its GMT/Date complication is fairly accurate; +15 seconds a month maximum. The GMT hand and date change/setting are smooth and this time, the power reserve has been taken up to a massive 6 months supply! That’s an added benefit if you plan to tuck it away for some time. When you need to know the power remaining, push the button at 2’o clock and the time the seconds-hand indicates it. The button is screwed-down type and locks the button in and the water outside.

However, there are still a lot who won’t buy a Kinetic and they are hardcore mechanical. Whether it’s a lack of soul or not, but these seems to come alive the moment you slap one on your wrist. There’s a certain bit of bonding to develop and that’s for sure.

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