Casio Protrek PRG-40-3V

Casio makes great watches. They are packed with features, are reliable and are well within the budget. If you are looking for a great outdoors watch – something that you can take along while trekking, camping or even while traveling into unknown lands, Casio has just the range of watches for you. They are the Casio Protrek watches. Lets look at one of the more popular of the range: the Casio Protrek PRG-40-3V
Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Watch PRG-40-3V PRG40-3V
Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Watch PRG-40-3V PRG40-3V

The watch looks really great with a military look. The color is a nice military green camouflage. But its not just the looks: this watch packs a punch when it comes to functionality. It has a triple sensor, which accomplishes the following:

1. A compass. now you will never be lost

2. An altimeter and barometer. Now you will always know how high you are. especially while trekking. I myself used one while climbing a mountain and I was amazed at how accurate the altimeter readings were (another team member had a GPS unit so we could compare the readings)

3. A thermometer. Now you can always tell if it is really that hot or its just you.

Apart from these it has the usuals : stopwatch, alarms, auto-calendar etc.etc.

Check this one out, trust me its a great watch for a great price.

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