My previous attempt at Casio-s didn’t advance much and that’s due to a lot of reasons that we’ll discuss elsewhere. But the chief reason: After a while in the Citizen Shangri-la and Seiko’s Tough Guy image (and perhaps a brief dive into Orient), Casio seems mere toys. Edifice-lovers might snarl up but that doesn’t change its toy status.

However, Casio got the message clear from annoyed outdoor-ers and few of their stuff, very recently, crawled out of the infancy-pit. That’s grit. Bravo Casio, now you really made into the square-jawed realm.

It’s the Cockpit series I’m talking about. Casio, for long, is catering the domestic market with this line of products that are simply upscale and marvelous. Just a step below the sedate and conservative Seiko GS line, these Casio-s are large, blingy, tough and way more costly than its toy counterparts.

Take for example the Casio Sky Cockpit Triple G Resist. Just like the rest in the series, this one too is based on the concepts that address the fundamental necessities mid-air. Surprisingly, the features are also helpful when steering through concrete jungles and the Triple G Resist shock absorbing system – while might not save your precious gadget when dropped from 20,000 feet – is enough to keep things spic-n-span against most of the high-impact crashes.

This time, Casio also shifted its focus to Solar power and these timepieces are powered by the Tough Solar technology. The same as Citizen Eco-Drive but there are a couple more things: An anti-reflective layer and a scratch-resistant layer, which are not very common with other solar powered watches. It is present even in the GW-A1100, which shares the same status with the GW-A1000FC-1AJF. These are your watches if high-accuracy, direction and distance measurement, a reinforced architecture and an improved readability is what you are always after. It’s the magic of the multiple motors and Casio’s sensor technology that gives the Cockpit Series its crash-proof status and the carbon-fiber built grants it outstanding stability even in harsh conditions (e.g. intense swings, vibrations and centrifugal gravity).

Being an avid biker, I needed something built as tough as my 1970’s Royal Enfield. Luckily, I found the GW-A1000FC-1AJF to be one.