Simplifying a jargon

In other words, it’s Bluetooth® communication. It helps a watch to link with a mobile phone running an app that gives you access to a watch’s various functions and settings. You don’t need to fumble with the buttons and crowns in the conventional way anymore. This comes as a great aid to mountain climbers, travelers, hikers, fishers, campers and a host others into outdoor activities.

Some advantages that you get

  • Automatic time adjustments: Both home time and world time; occurs 4 times a day, everyday; as per the time conveyed by your carrier. Entering a different time zone before schedule requires manual effort unless accompanied with GPS, though. DST (daylight saving time) is taken into account automatically irrespective of GPS.
  • Automatic Calendar: Works the same way as automatic time adjustments.
  • Location indicator: To show direction and distance to destination through smart phone app. Sometimes, this can also be used as a device tracker.
  • Activity tracker: Step counts, heart rate, calories burned, depth/altitude data, route logs. The last two, however; require sensors. For example, the Casio PROTREK Quad Sensor.

Benefits of mobile link

  • A functionality boost using a two in one gadget that saves your money, time and efforts.
  • Gives access to automated features to enhance a device’s user friendliness.

Citing a few examples

The new PRO TREK line of outdoor watches from Casio, the PRT-B50 series offers Mobile Link functionality via its Pro Trek Connected app and a quad sensor technology. These are gears built for toughness and let you stay connected when you are on the move. The PRT-B50 Pro Trek watches provide adventurers with a design that’s versatile, comfortable and stylish. Their specialty in these watches is their 4 sensors detecting compass bearing (w/ route log), temperature and barometric pressure at different altitudes with the 4th one counting steps (accelerometer).

With the app, you can automatically record altitude and GPS data; the calories that you burned and your location. You may customize the mode/display using the app; turn watch modes on or off at will! You may change the sequence for the modes to appear and display as intended for use. Even the default content on the LCD can also be customized. Other things that you can do with the new Pro Trek watch app are:

  • Automatic altitude adjustment for four times a day, using GPS data from your smart phone.
  • Automatic time adjustment for four times a day. The watch connects to the app and automatically downloads global time updates including changes in time zones and DST (Daylight Saving Time).
  • Obtaining accurate time (UTC) through Wi-Fi at indoor environments such as airports or subways.
  • Get World Time for over 300 cities.
  • Watch status display.
  • Phone finder
  • Power-level indicator


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