Gem stones are one of the BIG factors in luxury watch design. It imparts a certain amount of grandiloquence to a watch, bringing a feeling of upliftment; more so, when its diamonds; they got an overwhelming presence. Not just to your eyes but also to your psyche – they portray better than any other gem stone the passage of time (millions of years taken in its formation) and eternity (the period they will exist for). Both are integral to the concept of watches.

Your diamond must match the way you want to relate with time. You must know your diamonds.

Those little sprinklings

Diamonds we all kind of know but diamond accents gets a few heads scratching. Technically, chemically – they are nothing different from diamonds; only smaller. They are an accompaniment for the watches, laid around their peripheries or in clusters that complement the dial, face and the watch overall. Accent diamonds, thus, can greatly enhance or negatively influence the style of a watch, depending on layout, volume and sparkle, the same way as they have with jewelry throughout ages; they continue to mesmerize till today.

How should designers use these superlative diamond materials, apply all kinds of imaginative powers in their pursuit of a new brilliance, and shape it all together into a new design? And how should they give birth to a product that brings a new radiance to the wearer?

The shapes that accents are

Don’t just go for any diamond accent watch; know what you are buying; even if it’s digital!  The same can be said for a man’s diamond accent watch; also for any kind of jewelry watches.

Baguette, trillion cut and small round diamond are what you get.

 Baguette is mostly agreed upon as an ideal shape. Its symmetry is striking and its large table-size is always longed for, making the accent a great choice for any budget. They come in smaller carat weights but got less sparkle than the other two, irrespective of whether it’s tapered or straight.

A tapered shape will be slightly wider on one end and will follow the natural inner curve of a circle better. A straight baguette is perfectly rectangular; hence, appears larger.

Trillion cut accents are unique for their triangular shapes. These, too, follow a circle’s natural curve like the taper. They appear larger in volume for their great table width.

Small Round Diamonds are classic and work as the most universally complementary shape. They come in three distinct categories – Stars (0.02 ct or less), full cuts (0.02ct – 0.07ct) and melee (0.08ct – 0.18 ct). They beautifully fill out when thicker settings are a requisite; also great for thinner pave settings to allow a magnificent sparkle.

Following is a list of diamond accent watches for you to spot the accent types. Try it; it’s good fun.