It was one of those days you’ve had more than your share of outdoor merriment and fun and you are home by dusk, making room for some great indoor fun to end the day happily; sated. That’s about some reading, a good drink; good food and if an idea strikes then penning it down.

“So the idea is, again; watches?” – You ask.

There are multiple answers to the question. The very wise might find it a trait carried from the early hominines Rolling on the Floor Laughing on HTC Sense 8; sure, I do love to monkey around with my school mates when our respective significant others are not around; we all like to get into the primordial goo on the soccer field like the good old days (only that they aren’t soccer fields and we don’t play soccer anymore) but there’s a price to be paid; unlike then. I definitely don’t want a Presage at that time. A Hamilton Khaki would save my – very valuable parts. The Khaki, however; doesn’t guarantee if you’ll advance from the primordial goo to the Big Bang afterwards. That depends upon how well your head and heart coordinates LOL With Emoji - Sorta like Bluetooth linked watches; the cell-phone replaced with s-e-n-s-e. Not a tremendous amount of it; just the right sense in the right amount.

Just a split-second ago (I wish I measured it with a chronograph; a very tech-looking, analog chronograph) we almost crossed censorship with some euphemisms but it’s an evolutionary world and we learn from our mistakes. We go back to the watches.

For long, our subsequent quests and discoveries in the horological realm brought us across a vast number of these little pieces of art; some run-of-the-mill, some extraordinaire – the hunt for attaining solutions to the most pleasurable of difficulties (these are called complications; its electronic equivalent can be held as the complicacies of their functions) just for some fun is something we Homo sapiens like to think about as an exclusive domain! For experience taught us complicated isn’t always pleasurable. The fear of damage (or loss) takes away half the fun. I can’t go to an event – may that be even an Opera – wearing half a million dollars tied upon my wrist. Or, tucked in my waistcoat; where, a personal defense weapon feels much better and assuring. Wealthy and very wealthy (including the very, very; very, very, very and …..) watch collectors surely will find that comparison no fun; we are comparing few hundred or thousand dollars to half-a-million and more than that; there’s not as much finery to the few hundred/thousand dollars as into the ‘half a million’ though the latter might feel nicely protected at the presence of the first.

It’s not easy to decide who is correct. But then again, it’s also not that important. We can safely assume that something about this whole affinity and inclination of the human mind towards complex horological affairs is rewarding, for it is something that helps you bond with something so intimately other than your smart phone.

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