It can’t be that the readers of our blog never heard of the name TechnoMarine. However, some might question its stand as a Swiss luxury watch, given it’s not been even two full decades since it took shape. French entrepreneur Franck Dubarry showed Geneva the launch of the Raft; the vacation souvenir chronograph sold in substantial numbers right in the first year itself! Later, they were seen embraced by limelight figures (Drake being one; in his song ‘Know yourself’, there’s a line – “I had a yellow TechnoMarine”. What he doesn’t sing about is the Swiss-made technical prowess in seamless motion along sharp, sleek lines. An example of effortless articulation with time moulded by thoroughly modern vibes! The Technomarine lets you experience a sophisticated flow that urges you to live wilder and deeper.

TechnoMarine is all about water-inspired elements! These timepieces encourage to change into a carefree attitude, infused with some pure, coastal-resort spirit. They come in different mixes of colours; often bright and all of a premium finish. The components are a physical representation of the concepts behind; they are sporty, innovative and get you enthusiastic about the world outdoors. Explore and experience a new fashion that is weaved around luxury!
Technomarine can be called distinctive. Some of them heavily incorporate organic elements; are dynamic in every aspect and are ideal for boating, diving and beach as much as in a busy, city life.

A personal preference is the TechnoMarine Cruise Sport line. The Cruise Sport makes for a pleasant, first-time meeting with TechnoMarine. After some intimate time with these watches, you will be proud you made it a part of your life. It also carries a bit of details, being the first project of TechnoMarine’s new CEO Vincent Perriard. The Cruise Sport was his first move in revitalizing the brand before implementing the future plans. The Ocean Addict was a clever ad campaign. TechnoMarine-s and their owners are to be found always in or around water but are not bound by the condition. They look different on the wrist – a rare quality among watches! It’s nicely curved; the round case flows to almost integrate itself with the wrist. It doesn’t look like as if it is sitting on a table. This curvy look changes the appearance of the technical-looking dials; balanced, well-mixed of symmetry and imbalance. The overall looks are pretty straight-forward, even when in bright colours and bolder designs.

The Technomarine Cruise Sport line comprises some of the most serious pieces in terms of stature and demeanour. Orange, blue and cyan doesn’t look that good in other watches. The colourful possibilities of the Technomarine Cruise Sport line are outstanding, as they also add a bit of a three-dimensional touch. All in all, a style that feels like having just enough going on; not gone overboard!

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