Gonzo writing about Diesel! That might not go down too well with some of the folks. Truly, do you think there are reasons enough for that? Gonzo is happy-go-lucky with just some appreciation for the finer aspects of life. Stiff lips don’t let you taste entirely. I want to taste everything I come across and savour the few I like among them. Closing-up to new tastes is just half the fun.

So whoever thinks Gonzo doesn’t write about apart from a few specific brands is wrong. Like I said – the finer aspects – it can come from any brand unless those which consistently make bad products. Diesel is not one of them. It might have been earlier but the brand learnt from its mistakes.

That was a good enough reason to check it out once. Slowly, it unfolded how Diesel is currently making quite a name for itself.

Over the past few decades, Diesel was known for its affordable, modernist watches. That in-your-face look delivered a lot of attitude, a load of spunk and the marketing department never missed these points to highlight and capture the attention of the modern watch aficionado. The entry-level sports-luxury Diesel SBA is neither an excess, nor short of anything that might not appear so appealing to an onlooker. It contradicts values with impressions and the way that challenge is met is enjoyable.

The SBA is made to fit into a lot of tasks. Racing, beach combing or climb the mountains – the SBA is built tough. Yet, they are classy enough to be a part of everything genteel. They are comfortable as indoor wears and meet quite a tall order regarding pulling off with the ruggedness vs. elegance/class combination so convincingly.

The SBA offers 3 key promises of rugged luxury. They have the right styles that mix; it must have other noteworthy contenders in its class and finally, a credibility that comes from the use of the right movement/mechanism and other must-have, value added features. Together, they firmly establish the sports-luxury credentials. The Diesel SBA covers a lot of ground on these criteria. The retro-designed cases and faces add in sumptuously.

With that said, the Diesel SBA watches are great as a daytime, outdoor watch. It won’t light up in the dark and the post-sunset outdoors demands that. It’s better to use it just for dress/sports-luxury purposes when there’s no more daylight left on the horizon. Their overall functionality and design cues will now offer pure pleasure through their looks only, not with their rugged function.

The Diesel SBA precisely brings the value to the table. It isn’t a perfect watch as the tight upper-lipped horo-cynic might like, but it’s a versatile, flexible, sports watch with luxury-looks.

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