Q. Hey Gonzo!

I recently stumbled upon MAW and going through all your posts and answers to queries (I appreciate and sometimes…I’m impressed by the wit), I draw an entirely personal conclusion. I guess it’s high time you come up with a digest. That’s to say – Why isn’t there a recommendation for the best in your every price segment? You come up with Seiko-s all the time, almost condemning all other brands. Do you mind sharing what would change your mind about it?

I happen to travel between Japan and (…….) a lot, chiefly business trips. No, I got nothing whatsoever to do with watch-trading; I’m just an ardent follower of true horological wonders that are not just technical. My Japan trips got me into the habit; couldn’t make it till now to the Swiss Alps though. But one day…Yep! That too!


True! It’s as clear as calling an old pile of weather-beaten stone ‘home’. For much of it will sound absurd. It is a misfortune to suffer from the periodic ‘Best-bug’ bite, so here I insist this purely psychosomatic development to be taken care of. Worry not, each of us team members are now busy making their own lists; you go through them and pick 5. We’re happy to provide the assistance.

While they stay busy, we’ll talk ‘bout something else.

Somehow, something doesn’t sound too correct in your excessively judgmental personality. The point you raised is something we have been arguing over months. We ran through the simple to the exotic; tried finding out if aromatic watches really exist. That would really make them expensive. But hobbyists are about writing cheques for bad advice. “That’s money well-spent” – if you ask them.

It can be very hard to rouse Gonzo. I’m even unaware if it’s a Grand Seiko that you wear or is it the Premier that you adore? Maybe, a Sportura? Or, could it be an Astron?

Oops! Sorry. You did mention about feeling nauseated at the mention of the brand. But you know what, there’s one brand whose repute grew from producing respectable watches that are not just automatic, at unbelievably low prices. There’s nothing that’s cheap-digital about it; the high-end Grand Seiko (one that I mentioned a little while back) line probes the brand’s mechanical prowess.

But hey! Did you check out Suunto? But you got to be an outdoorsman for that; Japan has plenty of skiing arrangements and that should make them most desirable to you. You may also show a Jap friend that Swiss digitals are tough competitions to the Jap digital industry.

Don’t think you’ll be out of luck. The few things at play (the movement, size, influences and inspirations; features and general designs, accents etc.) are as far from garish as possible. It’s a pretty good choice well under $500.

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